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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Momma Azure

Azure loved (and still does) to pack
Tilly around. 

I was a little worried when she tried
to carry 2 "babies" at once, 
like I do.

 I enjoy watching Azure mother,
I know she will
be a great mommy.....

She actually told me a couple weeks ago-
As I was putting laundry away.

"I want to be a mom, right now".

I said "right now?
that means you have to get married,
then have babies"
Azure said 
"I know, it sounds FUN!"

I'm glad after watching me
do all I have to do she can 
still say
"It looks FUN"

Azure has her "Jelly cat"
Tilly is a little under
1 month.
(April 10, 2013)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Family Pictures

It's been 2 years since I have added a single post 
so here is a Tiny one.....

Family pictures August 2013

(Kenya 6. Azure 5. Jovi 3. Reef 2. Tilly 5 months)

Jovi has some crazy in her.....

I love these

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Little Guy

A quick picture of our little babe.
Reef is now 9 month old.
He LOVES to be standing and does lots of "cruising" around
He never took to crawling a ton,
he does a good army crawl,
to the closest thing he can
pull up on and stand.
Happy as always, just like our other 3.

Maybe someday we will do more postings.

Oh yea and for those who don't know, I now have braces and "look like I'm 14" who needs surgery to look younger!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Pictures

Family Photo Session August 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Raining days

Some days it seemed like the rain would never
end. The kids didn't seem to mind,
as long as playing and splashing was involved.
Our puddle rules are....
If you have boots on splash away anytime
and anywhere!
Just don't get anyone else wet.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Mama

Azure is the BEST little mama.
She always wants to help,
(She has a "mother's heart"
which is what Miles always says about me)
I love to watch her.
Kenya can get her to do just
about anything,
even if that involves coming downstairs 10 times
after being tucked into bed
to tell us all the things Kenya "needs"

I enjoy seeing her in action.
This last weekend we went "back woods" camping.
(camping out in the woods, alone)
The kids ran around and got as dirty as they
wanted. Jovi was eating a cheese stick,
in the mean time she had gotten dirt on her hands.
(I was on my way to Jovi)
Azure ran over to her, put Jovi's cheese stick in her
pocket. Wiped Jovi's hands off, then pulled the cheese stick
back out and said "here you go Joves, you're ok"

Not to mention the long period of time she told us she had
a baby in her belly :)
(or maybe still does, she just hasn't told us recently)

She is SO sweet and I know she will be a great mama.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Busy

Blogger is being slow at the moment so enjoy the few pictures.....

Some days I wish I was still picking out Azure's outfits for the day

In the kitchen with my babies

One of the best smiles captured

Both my babies, random little kids (some I don't even know)
ask me often "why do you have 2 babies?"
Jovi still climbs, climbs and climbs, the table
being her favorite place.
Kenya enjoys holding Reef and when he
wants- he does a good job helping.
Of course my puppy..... that I don't always enjoy
BUT I still think EVERY child should
have a dog. Having a newborn and
a puppy (2 weeks later) isn't
wonderful but the future will
only be more busy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Jimmer

My birthday present (1 month early) this year is
this cute little guy....

Meet Jimmer our little 9 week old puppy.
Miles, Reef and I drove up a little past Seattle (3 hours, each way)
to pick him up.
Thanks to my mom and sister Karli
Kenya, Azure and Jovi stayed home and

Miles has been a HUGE help with Jimmer.
The kids love him LOTS.
I'm thankful for my steam vac,
and that he doesn't smell like a dog.
Jovi plugs her ears when Jimmer
cries and howls
from being in his crate.
He likes to be
next to us as much as
his breed is also known as "the velcro dog"
Our neighbors probably hate us
BUT since most of them rent and have
dogs that I hear all day, I think oh well
Happy to have a puppy!
(for now)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Newest Little Bambino

Reef Thurman Johnson
was born Saturday morning
at 5:45am
7ibs. 7oz.
19.5 inches
Everything went very well.
I was able to leave the hospital
Saturday night only 14 hours after
checking in which was GREAT!
We are all doing well.

These are the only pictures
of Reef we have on
our computer
right now.
Miles took them right after he was born, more to come....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The beginning of our Jovi

Now that Jovi JUST turned 16 months old it's the perfect time to
recap her birth or maybe a better reason is because little baby #4 is ready come anytime he wants.....

On November 9th I checked into the hospital at 6:45am, being 15 mins. late since Miles needed gas in the car of course- we only live 2 miles from the hospital

I was being induced because my amniotic fluid was low. My Dr. said he wanted to induce me (2 days before I was 38 weeks) even though the non-stress test showed the baby was doing very well, she could possibly benefit more being born.

After all the set up and paperwork things finally got going...
  • At 8:05am the nurse started my pit drip at 1 ml a min. since they knew my labors go quick they wanted to start it lower then normal.
  • At 8:20 my Dr. broke my water I was- 2 cm.
  • 9-something, the nurses turned down the pit. drip to .5 ml per min. they said the contractions were "too strong" and could stress the baby
  • At 10:05 the nurses shut off the pit. they said there was too many contractions to keep the pit on (I wasn't very happy, good strong contractions mean a baby will soon be born, I asked them several times if they would turn the pit on, they said no, especially since I was still having contractions on my own- just not the good ones) my contractions were now a steady 2 mins, apart
  • At 11:05 I was 4 cm
  • At 12pm I was having heavy contractions, my Dr. came back to check on me
  • At 1:15, 5 cm
  • At 1:55, 7 cm
  • At 2:45 I was 9cm, they paged my Dr. who made it right in time. They called the "on call" Dr. into my room, seconds later my Dr. ran in. If it wasn't for the FEAR on the nurses faces telling me not to push until my Dr. arrived Jovi would of been born sooner. Is it ever really nice for them to tell you not to push?
  • 2:54, Jovi was born after about 4 min. of pushing and 3-4 pushes.
Jovi Atha Johnson
6 ibs. 15 oz
19 1/2 inches

This birth was the best for recovery since I had no tearing or stitches but it was also my longest labor, being about 7 hours. I know it would have gone much faster if they left the pit drip on.

Miles and I walked the hall for a few hours to keep things moving. But after having nurses chase me down time after time asking if I could feel the strong contractions (of course I could) and then telling me they would rather if I stayed close we just hung out in the room

Cloth diaper bum.... aka brick bum

right from the start Jovi was getting
used to a mama
that multitasks

First bath with papi- I hate how
the nurses try to take over and just do
everything, at least this is my experience

One of Jovi's first glamour shots.

Miles has a co-worker that tried to dress
up to look like this and took a picture-
strange I know, trying to picture a grown man
copy this picture.
(this picture is the one Miles sent to people at work)
I wish I had the picture.

I think Jovi looks like a dead frog
under the heat lamp
but she was super healthy

brand new

I really really hate being in the hospital. I would rather have a baby in the parking lot then hang out at the hospital for hours and hours. If I felt it was safe I would also rather have my babies at home. I would love to have a water birth but I never want a midwife.

I always try to get released as soon as possible, with Jovi the "on call pediatrician said I had to stay 24 hours after Jovi was born (the longest I have had to stay) so I was stuck. After the hospital we went and got her ears pierced.

  • I could probably think of a million complaints about staying in the hospital, I don't enjoy being waited on one bit.
But my main complaint this time would be after Jovi was born and her sugar levels dropped really low, (they needed to do footprints so I waited for them before nursing her, when I knew she needed to eat). After a nurse tested her sugar she told me I needed to give her a bottle of formula, of course I refused.
The nurse tried to pressure me into feeding her the formula and even told me she would get me a syringe so I wouldn't have to give Jovi a nipple.
I still said NO, I'm not giving her formula I would instead nurse Jovi and then they could test her sugar again.
She called in a "baby nurse" who also told me that I needed to give Jovi the formula because babies whose sugar levels drop so low, almost never go up on there own. Jovi could end up in the ICU with brain damage,
SO she wanted to make sure I was making "an educated decision."
I continued to nurse Jovi and when they tested her again her sugar levels had jumped really high. I will admit I really wanted to say "I told you so," as they both were surprised by the results. One thing I have learned quickly as a mom is to do what I want and what I feel is right no matter who tries to tell me differently.

We are thankful for our sweet Jovi, she is ALWAYS so happy. People have always asked us from the time she was born if she ever cries, she hardly does and she is hardly ever grumpy either. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to have a more happy baby.

Having 2 kids was super easy for me it wasn't much different then 1.
Moving up to 3 kids was harder and more of an adjustment,
I also had a lot of other things going on like daycare.
I'm not nervous about 4, I think I'm ready and even if I wasn't
too bad since our little guy is coming at any time.
Which might be the next post.