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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My broken wrist

My broken right wrist. This happened 5 minutes into the 2nd half of our championship game. The QB decided to run the ball, I ran straight at her to pull her flags, when she rammed into me and my hand was forced back toward my wrist. I refused to let Miles take me to the ER until our game was over. I broke the radius bone on my forearm. The doctor had to pop my bone back into place because it was crooked, then he put on the cast. I have to wear a cast for at least a month. I was disappointed that I could only have a white cast.


This is my wonderful flag football team. I had so much fun playing with them. Miles was our great coach, Kenya was there to flirt with all the girls. The girl with the Jordan shirt (Beth) was our QB and can throw the ball better than any girl I have seen and better than a lot of guys.

Kenya and the skateboard

We have had this skateboard for a while, it's from Oliver. Kenya lately enjoys getting it out, he climbs onto it and rocks it back and forth

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kenya in his santa long johns

Kenya and his skin tight long johns, p.j's. I think he looks super cute in them, I left them on him half of the second day.

He loves to walk around with my flat iron, snapping it open and closed

"Hurricane Kenya strikes." is what Miles says whenever Kenya is done playing for the evening, Kenya gets out lots of random things to play with.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kenya ready to go running

I let Kenya play in almost anything he can get his hands on. Miles always tells him "Kenya just play with your toys." This is one of the many places he finds his favorite toys.

Kenya loves the computer, especially the keyboard.

Kenya with his buds

These are the two boys that I nanny.
Preston 7 and Brady 5. Kenya loves them so much and they are so good to him.

Kenya and the I-Pod

Kenya all bundled at Miles's football game. He loves to listen to the I-Pod, so I stick it in his little ears and he toddles along. Every once in a while he will stop and dance.

Kenya helping me with Miles's pedicure

We could only keep him out of the water for so long.

He loves water so much and wanted to blow some bubbles.
after I finished up by putting lotion on Miles feet, and was cleaning up. I see Kenya decided to rub Miles's feet also.

Kenya eating nachos

Kenya is working on feeding himself. Lots of times he ends up with more on him!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kenya's Newest Cousin

We received the good news this week that Adam (Erin's Brother) and his wife had their little girl this week. Adahleigh Saige Anderson. Congratulations to them!!! Here she is with Aunt Erin and cousin Kenya looking on.