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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trouble time

This is one example of what happens when Kenya is not right by me and is quiet. I watched him get the peanuts off the shelf, but I didn't think he would take the lid off. When I walked into the room he was watching cartoons and eating peanuts like everything was normal.

Potty time

Kenya very excited

When Kenya gets really exciteed he opens his mouth as wide as he can and pants.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Laffy taffies and potty training

A little update on Kenya, he went potty for the first time in the toilet today, I'm not sure if he knew what he did, but we sure were pleased. He enjoys sitting on the potty and will run to the bathroom when you tell him it's potty time.

Here are pictures of Kenya doing his laffy taffy routine. He points to our food shelf and says "pees", "pees" (please) and we get his laffy taffy tub, he picks one out and then hands it back to us and we open the wrapper for him.

I got a Job!!!!!!

Many of you know Miles was flown out for an interview last weekend. We were pleased to find an offer in the mail this week from Skanska. I got a job!! The offer was good and so I'll be starting work april 21st in Beaverton. My position is Project Engineer.

Here is Kenya and I sporting our Skanska gear that I'd been given.

Cast is gone

Erin was finally able to rid herself of the cast on Wednesday the day before thanksgiving. Here we are in Wyoming celebrating her Uncle Roice's Birthday.

Turkey Day

Kenya helped us cook, but the onions were too much for his little eyes

Here is Kenya helping Papi get the turkey ready. Kenya kept trying to put his fingers in his mouth, by the time he was done he was in tears because Miles kept telling him no and he thought he as in trouble.

The turkey turned out beautifully, lots of leftovers though

Kenya's official 1 year picture

It's a little late but we wanted take a "1 year old" picture of Kenya, here were the best ones

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sheena and Ryan's new baby. 5 days old Riley Homer Shurtz

Kenya's happy face

Halloween & Trick or Treating

Kenya looking at Miles fake teeth
Mom and Kenya Trick or Treating

All the candy

Kenya's Motherlode

Scary count Kenya

Kenya's dracula costume was a hit, he sat very still and enjoyed getting his make-up done. We went to a lot of friends and they were generous. He only got scared once, by a guy dressed like a woman. We ran around all over and he got a lot of candy.

Kenya kept putting the seeds and guts back, almost faster than I could scrape them out

Carving time begins

Hair cuts are getting easier

Halloween party

We had a fun halloween party with Ryan and Sheena, Trask and Brook and Adam & Amanda

Miles throwing Kenya onto a Love Sac, as you can tell he enjoys thrill rides.

Story time

Kenya really likes being read to, one of his favorite books is where the wild things are.

Kenya's first costume