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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family Pictures 2007

Here is our family picture of 2007, plus a few others that didn't make the cut.

Snow in IceBurg

For the last few weeks we haven't had above freezing temperatures here more than once or twice. Then came the snow. We've been pounded twice in three days by 8+ inches of snow each time. We took Kenya out for his first time playing in the snow and we had some fun. He would laugh as we would slide. He cried when we would pick him up because he wanted to stay out in it.

Confused father

Getting kids shoes on is Miles least favorite job. Sometimes he doesn't even get them on the right feet . . . Kenya didn't seem to mind though.

Death of a fish

Kenya loves to feed the fish. Many have died though. We told Kenya the fishes are going back to heavenly father as we flush them down the toilet. He almost looks like he's going to cry