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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A little update on my pregnancy.
I am now almost 31 weeks. I took my sugar test 2 weeks ago and passed this time with no problem. The doctor says to me, "I'm not surprised with how skinny you are". I was thinking was I a cow last time? I have not gained anymore weight and the only thing I do different is run 6 miles a week instead of 1 or 2 like I did with Kenya. Something obviously went wrong with the test that I took when I was pregnant with Kenya. Everything I ever read about gestational diabetes told me I didn't have it, but I listened to my doctor and did what he told me to do (Kenya was under weight for as long as he was, which was the key that I never really had it). I was all ready to tell him I wanted another test if he said I failed, I was glad I didn't have to.

I asked the doctor before I went home if I could have him do a 3rd ultra sound to see if the baby really was a girl, this time. Don't get me wrong I have never cared if I get a boy or girl, it's just a huge shocker when you prepare for a girl and it turns out a boy. He said he would, and that he would do it for free.

We just returned from that appointment to find out that it is REALLY a girl. We could see everything better and it looked more like a baby. He got some good face shots. I will be glad when I have a doctor that does 4d. It was strange to see the baby so developed. Miles says he thought it was a girl the entire time. I want to believe the doctor but I am not sure if I can yet. Miles asked if I still plan on having boy and girl clothes at the hospital and I think I might. If it is a girl we will be off to get her ears percied when we get out of the hospital, might sound crazy but I am really going to do it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More snow fun

Looking at our blog I see that we mostly only write about Kenya. I am sure that if our lives were more exciting we might write about different things. Since Kenya is our excitement that's what we write about, so we hope it doesn't get boring.
These are some new pictures of Kenya playing in the snow. He loves it, just walking in the snow will make him happy. I try to take him outside to play at least a couple of times a week. One picture shows him kissing the snow. The picture with Kenya holding his boot is showing him looking to see if there is any snow that he can eat off the bottom (I have caught him looking at different shoes by the door trying to get snow off) The other one in his carseat is Kenya picking up his boot to get the snow off to eat. Most times he will eat all the snow until it is gone or melted and yes I make sure it is clean.

Miles has taught Kenya how to do summersaults, this is right before he does one on the kitchen floor.


After we got to church this morning, Miles took Kenya to get a drink of water only to get back and tell me this short little story....

Kenya was walking down the hall holding Miles hand and all of a sudden he started to moo (this would be somewhat normal for him since at random times he will make the sound of an animal he sees or is thinking of)Miles looked around and it was clear that what he was mooing at was a "heavier set" lady in the ward. Luckily they have spanish as a secret language and Miles could tell Kenya that she was not a cow.

We had a similar (almost as embarrasing) situation take place during the tour of the Rexburg Temple. We were touring the baptismal font and it was quiet and peaceful until Kenya got his eyes on the oxen and then proceeded to moo emphatically.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going Home

On our way back to Rexburg we were able to visit Erin's great aunts Hilda and Hazel. We also stopped at my sister Des and her husband Paul's place. Kenya had a great time with the kitten. Coming home was nice, despite the weather. It was so cold while we were gone and I turned the heat off for the whole three weeks we were in Salem. We came home to a frozen fish tank, frozen shampoo among other things. So we have no more fish. But its good to be back and we are already packing things up and getting ready for our move to Beaverton in April and the baby in March. Also pictured is my cute skinny wife who is finally starting to show signs that she is indeed pregnant. It only took 7 months for her to show.

Christmas Vacation to Salem

Erin and I enjoyed our time in salem this Christmas. Kenya had a lot of fun and loved to spend time with his little cousins dancing at Grandma Dawn's house and he loved to give kisses to little cousin Adahleigh at the Phillip's house. He also loved baby Tessa, anytime he saw her sleeping in her car seat he wanted to rock her. We spent some of our time house hunting and trying to figure out where we'll be in April when we move to Portland. Though we appreciate the hospitality of our families, we are grateful that we won't have to make the long drive to Salem for Christmas any longer. We'll be close enough for weekend trips and can start our "real life" once we move to Beaverton. Here are pictures of our trip to Oregon.

Iguana Time

Kenya loved all the animals at Nani and Papa Dave's house. He loved to feed the horse, moo at the cows and give treats to the dog. But his favorite ritual was feeding the iguana, he even got in a few kisses.

Kenya's Christmas

Here is Kenya opening presents. He loved his basketball hoop.