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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here is my latest picture update 36 weeks, and yes grandam I still go running don't worry the baby is fine. The bottom picture I sucked in my tummy as much as I could and this was the outcome.

36 week update
I went to the doctor's today for my 36 week check-up. He didn't say much and I don't ask much, if anything at all so our appointment was quick. Right before leaving he said "ok I will see you in two weeks" I was thinking I should be coming every week from now until the end. Last time when he told me 3 weeks I thought he's the doctor but I was expecting him to say two weeks. This time I asked what my schedule for check-ups was until I have the baby. He said two weeks until your about 4 weeks out, then every week. I paused for a second and said I am 4 weeks out, I'm pretty sure that I am 36 weeks now. He pulled his due date wheel out and said YEA it sure does look like your 36 weeks. So NOW I guess the doctor knows my REAL due date, I have no idea when he thought it was. I understand doctors are busy and everything but how in the world did this get mixed up??? Maybe there will be more news next week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Brooke, I'm only doing this because you asked me to, and Erin keeps telling me to. Normally I wouldn't devote any time to this. But since I've finally found a moment . . .

10 yrs ago:

I was in High School, which means I don't really want to remember any of that (especially since ten years ago today wasn't football or track season)

5 Things on my list of things to do today:

1. Finish studying for my tests and doing my homework
2. Finish my hometeaching (two families left, being in a EQ presidency, I get assigned extra families)
3. Do my singing practice with Kenya
4. Help Erin cook dinner
5. Hang out with Kenya and Erin

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire

If I were suddenly a billionaire, the first thing I would do is pay my tithing. Then I would purchase Revit, design our dream house, build our dream house. All the while I would donate to good causes and use my financial freedom to serve in the church and provide for as many kids as Erin could handle which for her would probably be 14 or so.

3 of my bad habits:

1. Grinding my teeth when I sleep
2. Eating fried food, pizza and anything unhealthy and not eating anything healthy (fruits and vegetables just don't taste good to me)
3. I pretend that I am Harry Potter when Erin isn't around and I try improving my spell casting movements and incantations.

(the last one is a lie)

Places I have lived:

Salem, Oregon
Rexburg, Idaho
Cordoba, Argentina

Things most people don't know about me:

I love to cook and make up new recipes (which are excellent if I do say so myself). I just have trouble naming them, I should consult brother Cole on that, he can be a creative namer.

I am an avid and aspiring singer, I would love to be in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir someday or the lead singer in a rock band; I take voice lessons for no particular reason except that I love to sing.

I wish I was a good basketball player.

I have a mole in the shape of Florida on my right bum-cheek.

(That last one is also a lie)

There are probably quite a few more, but I don't want to share them.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here are some pictures and a summary of the events and results of my participation in the 2008 Construction Competition: If you don't feel like reading the whole thing my team and I took 2nd place beating the majority of the major construction management schools like BYU, Arizona State, Boise State and others.

Here is my trophy

Here is a picture of our team: Chase Camberlengo, Clark Wyatt, Me, Dan Kingston, Nate Petersen and Steven Knowles.
At 7:00 am our 6 man team recieved the "problem". We were to come up with a preliminary design along with a construction process/plan for the Yuma Arizona Regional Medical Center (an actual hospital which was actually built).

I was in charge of the design and I worked on it from 7am til midnight which was the deadline. It was so stressfull and it was not easy coming up with a design for a 200,000 square foot hospital addition which according to our estimates would cost about 64 million dollars. I ended producing a five story hospital bed tower with an underground parking garage. Each floor was about 40,000 square feet. We worked good together as a team and it was fun. We had to turn our solution in by midnight or our score would be reduced 25%. I started printing the prints at 11:30 and had to get 6 copies for each of the judges. We literally sprinted to the judges office and we barely got it in on time (11:57 and thirty seconds). From midnight until 9 the next morning we were given time to put together our oral presentation that we would give to the panel of judges. I didn't get any sleep because I was rendering an architectural 3d fly-by of my hospital design. We presented and nailed every question the judges had for us (which were not easy ones). After presenting we were free to drink beer and meet with recruiters. So, we drank soda and were given free food by the 200 or so companies that were there. We were swarmed by people who saw us present who were trying to persuade us to take jobs with them. The following day we were informed of what really happened.

The company who actually built this project had placed the addition in nearly the exact same way we chose to place it. So, we did a great job on the design and they were very impressed with it. Our cost estimate and schedule were really close to what actually happened. Our estimate was only about $130,000 off (for a $64 million dollar job that is super close).

We had the job fair following and then the awards ceremony. BYU-Idaho has never even placed in the design build competition. It was usually won by BYU, Arizona state, and other very prestigious construction management schools. It turns out we beat both BYU and ASU. BYU took third, we took second and the winner was Colorado state. The professors were absolutely ecstatic and it was well worth the trip. We had a great time and was a great end to my time at BYU-Idaho. There was a bunch of drawings, they gave out laptops, wii's and ipods. I won a drawing and recieved 250 dollars cash which was nice.

I was able to spend time with the people from SKANSKA, as they were some of the judges and I was informed by my boss that I will probably be put on a new hospital project in Portland when I finally go to work. I'll be heading there in March to make an offer on a house (the company offered to fly me out again).

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I especially wanted to tell Miles how much I love him, he is the best husband I could of ever asked for. Miles inspires me to become a better person and I will always strive to make him the happiest he can be. I wake up each day knowing I am very blessed to have him in my life, I am grateful he is mine forever. He is also a very wonderful dad! I am lucky to have someone who enjoys being around kids as much as I do. Kenya loves him to death and already looks up to him. Miles is always so willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy and make our lives better. We love you forever and ever!
Erin, Kenya and our little baby

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kenya's new T-shirts

Kenya and I went to the the store a couple of days ago and I found some shirts that I liked, so I bought them. The white one is my favorite. Miles was unsure about them but said we could keep them. The red one says my dad rocks. The white one says my grandma is hot.

My blessing Afghan

When I checked the mail today I was surprised with a box sent from my grandma. I was thinking it was cookies or something, when I opened it I saw it was this beautiful Afghan. My grandma can make just about anything. When I was pregnant with Kenya I went and spent a weekend with her in Wyoming learning how to quilt and we ended up making 2 quilts. If it was not for the weather Kenya and I would be going to spend some time with her to learn how to crochet, since Miles will be out of town. The roads won't be good so Kenya and I will have to plan some different activities. Thanks so much grandma we love you!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Nursery Beating

I am a nursey leader and lately Miles has been staying with me to help (which by the way he does an awesome job) because the other teacher moved after Christmas. Our ward has a huge nursery we have four rooms with an average of 10 kids per room. Kenya always stays with me and does well with the other kids most of the time. Today a little girl and him seemed to be bugging each other a lot. After we put the play-doh away Kenya and this little girl both had little rolling pins and ran away to the door. Miles and I were both trying to get all the kids to sit back at the table. All of a sudden I hear Kenya scream out in a painful cry that I have heard only a few times in his life. I knew that someone had hit him. I went over and picked him up, the little girl with the rolling pin was next to him. What could I do, I just told the little girl not to hit her friends. He continued to cry for a few minutes, I waited for the mark to show up and sure enough he had a big welt on the side of his head that had to of come from the rolling pin. I can't imagine what Kenya would of done to earn this huge smack in the side of the head but I was not very happy. I guess I can say that I am glad it was Kenya so I didn't have to explain to a parent why their child got smacked in the head. I have heard that lots of people turn down nursery as a calling which honestly I don't understand, I love being in nursey but after days like today when all the kids decide they don't want to share, scream if they don't get what they want and hit one another it can make anyone think that little kids are monsters!

Our Winter Fun

Here are some pictures of our winter activities. The amount of snow we have gotten this winter has been ridiculous, one storm after another. We've decided to make it fun for us. These pictures show Kenya's affinity for consuming the snow, in a cup, in a ball while in the tub, in icicle popsicle form and of course the snow kiss. Erin and I went to the ice rink in the shadow of the Rexburg Temple where I spent my time falling and trying to skate and Erin not falling (were glad she didn't, we don't need another broken wrist when she's 8 months pregnant). Also pictured is our roof leaking, there's been so much snow our roof has leaked. We also have pictures of us sledding and going on horse sleigh rides at the Rexburg snowfest and on the hills on campus. Kenya even got to drive a team of clydesdale's. It has been a fun winter and Erin is glad it is our last.