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Monday, March 31, 2008


Here are some pictures of when we went and said our last good-bye to the boys that Kenya and I watched. I promised then I would let them see Azure after she was born. Kenya was so excited when I told him we were going see see Preston and Brady. He ran around and played for the hour that we visited. I know he will miss them SO much.

Kenya when we first started watching Preston and Brady.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The House

Here is the house, we close on March 31. The Realtor said it's basically ours, the only way it would not be is if something doesn't go through on our end. So far it looks like Miles did a very good job. For those that don't know it's in Washington.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Officially announcing the birth of Azure Tammi Johnson March 14, 2008

We are finally writing about the exciting birth of our new baby.
(It's long, be warned)
As I wrote before, Miles was flying to Oregon to buy a house and leaving Kenya and I in Idaho. I was almost 38 weeks pregnant and not allowed to go along. I had my doctor appointment on the 13th and the doctor told me I was dilated t0 3cm and effaced with the babies head engaged. I had planned to go stay with Brother Adam and his little family Ashley and Adahleigh who live an hour away so we wouldn't be bored without Miles (the doctor said it would be fine and if anything happened I would have time to get back to Rexburg)

On Thursday the 13th after my appointment, I hurried along packing to get ready for the weekend. I felt normal all day, I had some discomfort but nothing major and thought it was from being at the doctor. Kenya and I had the car packed and picked Miles up from school about 4:15pm. We dropped him off at the airport and continued on to Adam's, 30 more minutes away. During the drive I started to get pain in my pelvis but thought maybe my belt was squishing my tummy so I loosened it, and it felt better. After arriving at Adam's I continued to get pain in my pelvis that would come and go. I was in denial that I would even be getting contractions since I was still 2 weeks out. Around 9:30, during dinner I decided I better start paying attention because they were coming more often.

I didn't say anything to anyone about contractions but I did ask Adam if we would go back to Rexburg if I went into labor. He told me it would be my choice. I laid Kenya down to bed and after I was ready, I went to bed as well. I was still getting pains (5 minutes apart) and began to think they were probably contractions. I called and talked to Miles. He talked to me for a while and suggested I pack up and head home. I didn't want to wake Kenya and pack the car especially if it was a false alarm. Miles told me to call him in 30 minutes and try to sleep, and in the morning go home.

I called my mom next and talked to her. She told me I needed to wake Adam and go to the hospital. I kept telling her I didn't want to go and be sent home if it was false alarm. I didn't have contractions with Kenya before I was at the hospital and these ones were not that painful so I thought they would just go away. It was now midnight, Adam had to go to work in two hours and I didn't want to make him loose sleep over a false alarm. I walked around the apartment for a few minutes to see if the contractions would go away or get worse and right away they got worse. My mom kept saying that I would have the baby at Adam's while Miles was gone.
I've heard of people thinking they are in labor and being sent home. For that reason I still didn't want to go (Miles had also prayed the baby would wait to come until we were back together as a family before he left, so I thought I would be safe to not have the baby). I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry. I woke up Adam with the help of Ashley, and what do you think he did? He got ready but laughed at me from the time he got out of bed. He couldn't believe it was happening, especially because my mom said it would. When we arrived at the hospital, Adam asked stairs or elevator? I said stairs in hopes to push things along.

I was in a bed at 1am, the nurse checked me and said I was at 4cm and 90% effaced. She hooked the baby monitor to me and said she would check me in an hour. As the nurse talked to me I had explained that I went to the doctors that morning and the doctor "lightly stripped" my membranes. She looked at me and said and you came to Pocatello??? Adam and I were quick to tell them Miles was out of town and Adam was my brother. The doctor still called him DAD every once in a while but most of the time they called him "brother". I kept asking them if they were going to let me stay. Adam stayed by my side the entire time. We just talked while the hour passed. The nurse asked if I could, would I go back to Rexburg to have the baby. I said probably not. After my hour passed she checked again I was now dilated to 7cm and she brought a doctor with her this time. I asked if I could stay and he told me I had already made that decision. The doctor looked a little like Richard Simmons but I really liked him, my nurse was great too. The doctor asked me if there was anything my doctor would want him to know since he would not be there. I said yea he likes to give me pitocin. (I didn't want to spent hours in bed waiting.) I was moved into a delivery room, with my brother still with me. The doctor told me if he had to guess he would say I would have the baby in an hour. I called Miles every once in a while to update him, he didn't sleep all night. I asked if I would be laboring in an hour or be holding the baby in an hour, he said he hoped I would be holding it. After he said that I told him I liked him and he could stay.
My nurse told me she knew I was not going home from the time I get there. I asked her why she didn't tell me and she said we were waiting for a room to open up. They told me they were watching my monitor and hoping the baby would wait. The doctor popped my water (at about 2am) about 15 minutes later I told them I needed to push. I once again decided not to use any pain medications (I don't plan to ever use them if it's up to me).
I had my little angel at 2:31am, with my brother by my side, he even got to cut the cord. We named her Azure Tammi (Azure means the blue of the clear sky) Tammi (after my mom). She weighed 5 lbs. 15 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. The doctors and nurse told me she looked really good, especially for being as small as she was. She got an 8.9 on her apgart score (not quite as good as Kenya who got 10).
After the birth the doctor asked if I had any questions. I asked when do I get to go home, he looked at me a little surprised and said maybe tonight or Saturday morning. The pediatricians are the ones who make the final call. We moved to another room, Adam gave Azure her bath. Th night was almost over by the time I showered and got situated and slept for a couple hours. Adam skipped all but one class, I was stuck in the hospital all day and only got out to go to the nursery with Azure when they needed to do something like give her shots. Adam lifted the baby basket up over the bed so she would be close to me and so they couldn't take her to the nursery (I am very protective of my babies, I told Adam he had to follow her anywhere she went) The doctors stopped by in the morning to do their checks. The pediatrician looked over Azure, I asked him when I could go home he told me after dinner. He said they normally keep smaller babies longer but Azure looked really good so he would let me go. After bugging the nurses to do whatever they needed to do so I could leave we finally got out about 8pm.
Ashley packed up Kenya and Adahleigh and came to visit us Friday morning. Miles really wanted to see how Kenya would act when he saw Azure so we filmed it for him. When Ashley walked in with Kenya he looked at me. I put him on the bed and after looking at Azure he wanted right off. I moved him to keep him on the bed and he slid to the end of the bed and got off. Then he walked out the door without looking back. He tried to leave a couple more times. As soon as I was not holding Azure he decided it was ok to sit on my lap. I felt bad that I left in the middle of the night without telling Kenya that the next time he saw me he would have a new sister. Kenya took a couple days to warm up to her. I think he might like her now. He really likes to put his finger in her hand so she will grab it. It seems like he kept hoping she would go away. It's cute to listen to him say Azure.
Miles company changed his flight so he could come home Saturday instead of Sunday and he was able to fly into Pocatello instead. They were surprised he didn't run right home. Miles and I know each other well enough to know that that was not an option. He went to Oregon to find us a house and didn't need to run back. Adam was doing a great job at making sure I was ok and Ashley was doing great taking care of Kenya along with her little one.
When Miles finally arrived we ran around more than he wanted. He just wanted to get home and spend time with his little girl for the first time. The first thing he said was oh my gosh she is so small. We went and got Azure's ears pierced just like I said I would and I love them!!!! My mom drove down as soon as she could with my little sister to help with Kenya. They arrived Saturday afternoon and Kenya loved playing with aunt Karli.

Miles did find us a house and the offer was accepted. We close on the 4th of April. I am sure he did an awesome job even though I have only seen pictures of the house he picked.

Azure is still doing really well, she eats and sleeps most of the time. She doesn't really cry and the cry she gives out is quiet. Adam said she sounds like a goat, Miles walked by some goats at a pet store and thought the goats were making noise but it was really Azure. She weighed 6lbs 5oz at her appointment Monday, so she's growing good.

Kenya, like I said, is doing good with his sister, I am sure he will love her more when she can play. As much as I like watching the boys with Kenya, I'm really am enjoying staying home with the kids.

I feel really good, I even went running on Friday. Having Azure seems like a dream, it came as a surprise and it went by so quick. I have heard the more births you have the faster they happen, I hope this is not true. (But I would take that over a 12 hour slow labor any day) I now know what it's like to have a baby without being induced. I wouldn't have changed much besides having Miles with me (but Adam did his job well, thanks!!) and not letting an intern deliver with a doctor watching over (they let interns deliver in Pocatello, but they don't let you know that) I had a great doctor and nurse.

Miles is working hard trying to finish school and also the finishing details with the house. He missed the birth, but Azure already has him wrapped around her finger without even trying. I don't know what will happen once she can talk him into things. Most of the time when Miles is around Azure is sleeping on his chest. He loves to snuggle with her. Miles is a great dad and husband and we love him.

We want to thank everyone who has come to visit and given us gifts, we are very grateful. I am not sure what we can do for Adam and Ashley to make up for everything they did for us. We love you all!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

She Has Arrived

We are pleased to announce the birth of little Azure Tammi Johnson.  Born 3/14/08 at 2:31am.  5 lbs 15 ounces and 19.5 inches.  More details to come.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

38 weeks

On Saturday I will be 38 weeks. I had my doctor appointment this morning and he told me I was dilated to a 3 now. The babies head is engaged. When I asked him if I was effaced he said yes but not a lot,it is moving forward like it should. I have another appointment on the 20th and he set an induction date for the 27th at 7:30am(if I don't have the baby before that). The reason for being induced.... it works best for Miles's school schedule(he has finals coming up). For me I like knowing when I am going to have the baby. With Kenya it was nice to go in and 4 hours after labor started I had him in my arms. The doctor said he is confident enough that things are going very well and he is fine with setting an induction date. I will say that I am a little curious to know how long it would take me to go into labor myself. I also would like to see how big the baby would be if it came when it wanted. While the doctor was checking things he asked if I wanted him to strip my membranes, I said do whatever you want. Miles was quick to remind me that he was flying to Oregon/Washington for the weekend to pick out our house and that I would be staying in Pocatello with Adam and Ashley(about an hour away). The doctor said he did a light stripping since we would not be around. I think I'm safe, I still feel super good and it doesn't seem like I have been pregnant for 9 months. Only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I had my 37 week check. Not much to tell. The doctor said I am dilated to a 1-2 and my cervix is thick, but the babys head is right were it needs to be. I am progressing like I should.
Miles and I find it interesting that they always comment on the fact that he stays back and lets the doctor do his job, which you think would be normal. The doctor and nurse have told us before that they get husbands that come in with their wifes that are in the way. Just the other day they said they had a guy come in that was front and center. The nurse said the doctor was in HIS way, when she asked him to move they guy said NO. She said she called him a pervert which didn't go over well.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kenya was tagged and I'm finally doing it

Kenya Bing Johnson

Born Tuesday September 5, 2006 @ 7:10pm
7 pounds 15 ounces 21 1/2 inches

Some things you may not know about Kenya

1. I was born a week early because my mami and papi were too excited to have me as their son (the doctor told my parents I was a girl, but I was a boy the entire time)and wanted me to join their family. But I was excited too, since I arrived in 4 hours.
2. I got my middle name from my grandpa Bing Anderson who died when my mami was little.

3. I love to do singing music homework with my papi. I sing all day when I am home with my mami and even turn on my papi's homework CD so I can sing along. I have always loved to be sung to since I was born. One of my favorite songs now is "five little monkey's swinging in a tree".
4. I love to help with jobs like dishes, laundry, vacuming, dusting, even fixing cars and especially cooking. When I help cook I say "hot, hot" and wave my hand back and forth.

5. Even though I am only about 18 months old I have a 4 inch vertical (thanks to my dad!)
6. I have been working on going potty on the toliet since the end of November, I go at least 50% of the time now and even have dry naps sometimes.

7. I love the water, I started swimming with my mami when I was 5 months old, once a week.I now swim with my mami and papi. I am able to float on my back by myself and I can doggie paddle for 6 feet. I say "wall" to tell my parents I want to swim to the wall.

8. My favorite foods are mac, cheese, fruits, veggies, eggs, and candy (for my potty treat I always choose candy corn even though there is much better candy to choose from).

9. I copy the words people say around me. I am learning spanish and english. Some of my most common words are what, Up, down, help, done, bye, stars, icicles, clown, (with a very sharp C) leche, boo, uh-oh, huevos, uh-uh, basta, snow, out, please, hot, por favor, mami, papi, and most names of the people I know. I know when to use words and not whine.

10. I LOVE to be read to and will chase my parents around the house with a book so they will sit and read to me. Often I will sit and read to myself while looking at pictures.
11. I know almost all my body parts and can say many of them.
I can also count to 3 in spanish and english. It's hard to get me to say all three numbers, most of the time I will say two of them in a row.

12. I love all animals and can make the sounds that go with them.
13. I like to play puppies with my papi.
14. My mami loves to be with me so much that she hates to leave me with babysitters and when she does she is very picky who it is. For this reason I went to N.Y. when I was 8 months old with my mami, grandma and most of my aunts.
15. Whenever I go in my room I look at the stars on my ceiling jump and say "stars, stars" I also look at my clown say "clown" and oink at my pig. Whenever I sees stars I say "stars, stars" over and over, Like at Wal-mart or on the flag.
I always enjoy hanging out with the boys my mami nannies, they are like big brothers to me and we are best friends.
Most nights I sleep at least 12 hours, but when I'm up I am charged and ready to go! I am a very easy going happy boy and have been since I was born. Besides the times I am stubborn like my mom, or taunt my dad and push his limits by seeing how much I can get away with.

Miles's addiction

Miles had a bagel the other day, when I looked at it I could not believe how much Philly cheese he had layered on. Whenever he eats butter this is how much he likes to have pilled on too. This is part of the reason I try to make most of his food, especially if it has either of these two things on it. I want him to live longer than the age of 30!!!