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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our baby ducks

Miles promised me we could get ducks over 2 years ago as soon as we moved into a house. We now have 6 little babies cooking....It takes 28 days, only about 25 more days to go. I have to turn them over about every 4 hours to "exercise the embryos" that means waking up in the middle of the night to turn them. It will be worth it when we have 6 little duckies to play with (if they all survive). It will be fun for Kenya and me!


Even though it's way past Easter I never posted Kenya's pictures. He had a lot of fun dying the eggs and Miles hide 3 for him to find. He loves any type of egg so Easter was a hit for him.

Kenya and rufus

Kenya loves animals, especially dogs. Whenever he would see one outside he would want to run up and pet it. This lady Terri, was in our ward and started to let Kenya walk her dog Refuse a few weeks before we moved. Kenya didn't walk the dog like most people would, he stayed right behind him even with the extending leash. After the first time of walking the dog Kenya expected it every time he saw them outside. When it was time for him or the dog to go inside he would cry.

I have this earring, it was left at our place after family came to town to visit when Miles and I got married. I am trying to figure out who it belong to, I have had it long enough so if no one speaks up I will throw it away.


Miles and his mom

Kenya and Sheena. Ryan and Miles sang in the choir, it was hard to see them, so Sheena zoomed in on them so Kenya could see Miles.

Ryan Shurtz and Miles
Miles graduated on April 11, 2008 with a GPA of 3.85! We are so proud of him. We were packed and ready to move at 3:30am on April 12th for our 13 hour drive. Miles drove the u-haul pulling one of our cars while his mom drove the kids and I in the other. We are so excited we were able to move home (or close to it), and be surrounded by family. No more Rexburg winters!

House pictures

Here is a walk through of the house.......

Out front


Front room right as you walk in

Powder bath next to the kitchen

Family room


Hallway downstairsUp the stairs

Hallway up stairs
Azure's room

"Office" Miles's music room, One of Kenya's favorite rooms.

Kids bathroom (Miles told Kenya to go potty)

Laundry room
Kenya's roomOur bedroom

Walk in closet
Master bath
The shower head in the master bath, this is what came with the house.
Now I hope that everyone is able to sleep at night (just kidding, I know it took me forever but our house is all put together). We worked our bums off. I never let Miles help me with cleaning (I like to clean). I did let him help when we moved out of our apartment and again when we moved into the house, he did an awesome job. Kenya stayed with my parents for 3 days and 3 nights to help us get more done(I missed him soooo much). When we went to get him he was really mad that we left him and wouldn't let us next to him without screaming for about 30mins. He kept asking my sister Karli to pick him up. Miles did do a great job finding and picking the house we both love it!! The only thing I didn't like was the shelving they now put in new houses (no more rods in the closets)but they are not too bad after all. If you like our house there are some for sale around us and 2 more bank owned (ours was bank owned if you didn't know) so come on over. Kenya also loves the house, I think compared to our apartment the size is shocking for him, most of the time if I go upstairs he goes upstairs and he doesn't like to be in a room alone. We still need to buy some furniture so the house looks a little empty. We decided not to paint for now and were able to get any marks off the walls with the magic eraser thanks Jesica.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Azure's 3 1/2 weeks pictures

Here is our pretty little girl! We had these taken when Azure was 3 1/2 weeks old and we were lucky to get them for free!!!! They were taken to help Carly build her portfolio. I will post more later when I get the rest. When I look at these pictures Azure doesn't look so small to me. She is still a tiny little petite baby girl. This week someone asked me if I just brought her home from the hospital, she is now almost 6 weeks.
ps- I know that I probably have lots of blog stalkers waiting for me to put up house pictures (don't worry I do it too). They will come very soon along with lots of other posts I have to catch up on.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We went to say good-bye to all my family in Wyoming this weekend. Kenya had lots of fun at all the different houses and ran around exploring. He had lots of fun with great grandma Jackson and laughed a lot when she did the chicken dance for him. He also discovered the chalk board. You can call me sick if you want for taking and posting this picture but I thought it was super funny and couldn't stop laughing! I think Kenya has the cutest little bum (until I saw Azure's).


This is the picture of Kenya on the side. He loves bubbles, thanks to Adam and Miles he was able to get LOTS in his mouth.

Aunt Charleen and Uncle Nathan

Aunt Charleen and Uncle Nathan came by to visit us. They brought these VERY cute little flip flops for Azure, a bubble blower for Kenya and a singing graduation card for Miles. It has been great to live so close to them. I would only leave Kenya with them when he was a baby when Miles and I would go to the temple (I don't like to leave my babies).
Yes this is what our front room looks like, we are all packed up and counting down. We gave Adam and Ashley our couches so we sit on our camp chairs for now. Don't feel bad for us this is what we chose. We are most excited that Kenya will have stairs to climb and room to run.