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Friday, May 30, 2008

In the life of Kenya

Driving the tractor with Papa Dave
Running around at grandma Dawn's...with no shoes, it was fun getting all those slivers out!

Playing with Sally-He loves Sally!!! The newt Uncle Ollie caught

Feeding Sally steak. At Nani and Papa Dave's house. It was cold outside but Kenya still wanted to play catch with Sally

Good old Turner Parade. Kenya enjoyed collecting the candy. We brought cousin Chase with us too.

Kenya has some type of ball at all times and he knows what to do with each one.

Playing music with Papi. Kenya likes to hold the pick and play the guitar

Putting together the sensory table uncle Ollie made for us.

Whenever Kenya sees my exercise ball he wants to get on top and balance, he does pretty good.

K.C.'s 3rd birthday party

There is a little boy named K.C that lives across the street from us. Kenya LOVES to play with him. All day long Kenya says his name because he wants to go play. When it's time to come inside he cries. K.C. has all the toys a little boy would ever want. It's fun to see him have a little friend closer to his age. They both act like they HAVE to be together. They have a wiener dog too. which I love, his name is mud bug and Kenya calls him "bug"

When we go to Grandma Dawn's house Kenya plays with this frog. It opens and shuts it's mouth as it sings "somebody to love" by Queen. I know most of the family is sick of the frog and I think Lance would throw it away if he could but it makes Kenya SO happy.

Kenya wanted me to take a picture of him with these glasses... Most of the pictures show him in nothing but his undies, because... I am VERY close to saying Kenya IS potty trained. Most days he has no accidents and if he does it's just pee. He has dry nights every once in a while and dry naps. Kenya also tells us when he needs to go potty! (sorry Miles. Miles calls blogs and he laughs that people post about things like potty training)

Sensory activity, cornstarch and water

Kenya trying to drive. He was pushing the brake and gas petals.

Kenya fell down K.C.'s driveway while chasing a ball and got cut up

One of the pictures Carly took One night we ate quesadilla's and carrots for dinner. Kenya said he was done but only had a few bites of carrots left so I tried to hide his carrots inside the quesadilla so he would finish them. As soon as he went to take a bite he noticed them inside said uh-oh and pulled them all out.

Kenya and Azure's hands Bubble fun

I take Kenya and Azure running with me in the jogger. When I am done I stretch so now Kenya's new thing is to stretch all day long. Here he is doing hip flexers.

Making dry ice root beer with great uncle Roice. He got a NEW haircut.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Azure's life the past 2 months

Kenya often beats me to Azure's room when he hears her cry, then he climbs on the side of the crib and turns on her music.
Azure and Kenya had such strong necks from the moment they were born. Here is Azure playing on her tummy, she started rolling over from her tummy to her back at 2 months old, She does it time after time so I know it wasn't an accident.
Azure giving papi some love.

First bath together, they both enjoyed it-From the time that Kenya was born Miles wanted to do bath time, and he still does it every night if possible. The kids love him so much!

Looking around
Hanging out with KenyaAzure smiles all the time and it's so cute! She started to smile a little before she was one month old.
Hanging out The only time Azure will be allowed to look like a cheerleader
I painted Azure's fingers and toes.... that took a long time and then the polish fell off her finger nails.

Azure in the baby doll stroller
Kenya pushing Azure in the baby doll stroller. I put on the seat belt but I don't think it would have helped her.
She is such a little bean--next to Kenya's baby

This is the way she always sleeps, with her arms under her head.
more smilesAzure is skinny everywhere except for what Miles calls her "thunder thighs" she has lots of rolls on her legs-when she was born she had some saggy skin but now she is all filled out.
One of the first times she smiled.. When Miles saw it he said "I'm melting" I don't think Azure will have any problem getting what she wants.
When Azure was first born she wore a few outfits that were preemies, and they were still too big- here are a couple of little outfits that fit her the best.They are my favorite because they show how tiny she is.Kenya's skin tight outfit, just like Azure's
Kenya really loves to hold Azure. Sometimes he acts like she belongs to him and I just take care of her. Azure has Miles's eyes and his BIG smile
Kenya always gives Azure balls to play with and sometimes tries to play catch with her.

I think Azure has just the right amount of hair I can even spike it a little.
Kenya 3 weeks old

Azure 3 weeks old, they look like little twins
sometimes she gets mad at me for taking too many pictures
Miles and Azure
All wrapped up!
Azure fit into her newborn dress at 5 weeks old Azure has a really strong grip and likes to hold onto things. Miles was letting her hold his fingers but every time he tried to pull them away she would squeeze harder and her eyes would get really big.Bath time

We are so happy and grateful that Azure could join our family.

  • At birth she was 5 ibs. 15 oz 19 1/2 inches.
  • Azure only dropped down to 15ibs 11oz at one day old.
  • At 3 days she was 6 ibs 5 oz.
  • At two months old she is up to 8ibs 14oz and 21 3/4 inches.

I know she is small compared to most babies but I love it-- I always wanted a small baby.

people still stop me and ask how old she is not expecting me to say 2 months.

Kenya has always been in the 95% for height and weight. Azure is in the 3% for weight and 10% for height. I will be happy if I have big boys and small girls. Azure is now about 2 1/2 months old- she started cooing around 5 weeks and even giggles sometimes.

I moved her to her crib from her bassinet or more like out of our bed a couple of weeks ago. She now sleeps in her own room, unless I feel like having Azure sleep with me. From the day she was born I slept with her almost every night. I have always loved to snuggle up to babies and sleep with them. I even used to pull my little sister who is about 13 years younger then me out of her bed and have her sleep by me when I lived at home.