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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Notice Kenya is wearing his swimsuit over his pants. I was trying to pack his suit when he grabbed it and put it on, I tried a couple of times to get it off him but he really wanted to wear it.All the Johnson brothers that played on the team and their boys
Miles, Lance, Cole, Ryan and Logan
The team with a few fill-ins

I know this picture is really blurry but it's a good action pictureJune sporting Bob's glasses----looking good!!
Anyone who knows the Johnson boys knows that they
are always willing to play some football.
This year all the brother that lived close all played on a
team together.
This was some crazy football, it was like tackle without the pads
and no messing around or they would be laid out.
Lance, Ryan, Cole, Miles were on the team
and Logan played on the last game 3 days after returning home from
his mission in Mexico.

The season started in March.
Since the first weekend we moved we
packed up the car and headed for Salem
we had the longest to drive out of all.
Miles loved it and even though sometimes it
was a pain in the bum and it never seemed like
we were home it was worth it.
Being able to see family and watch the boys play football was fun.

I am not sure who is more into football out of all
the brothers but Miles is up there
When we moved to Rexburg he coached my flag football
team. When I asked him if I could play on a soccer team he
jokingly told me I would have to choose.
But since I would be too busy to do both I picked football.
Since we moved I started playing indoor soccer again
and I had to remind myself what I was doing at first.
Even though I have played soccer since at least age 5
and been a coach/ref for years!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be
clap my hands and shout for joy, and climb up on his knee
put my arms around his neck
hug him tight like this
pat his cheeks and give him what?

I taught Kenya this song and we sing it sometimes when Miles comes home.

Here are a few special dads....

Miles with Azure

Grandpa Jackson

Grandpa Johnson and Miles dad Bob

My dad and me when I was a baby

Miles with Kenya

My step-dad with Kenya.

Whenever Kenya sees this picture he says "awesome"

I know this is about a week late but I try to stay away from blogging unless my babies are sleeping and my house is clean so......

If you wonder why I post things that happened weeks ago that is why.

I still wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!

Miles is a GREAT dad.

This was one of the most important things that the person I was going to marry would have to be. He passed the test with flying colors. I love to watch Miles play with kids, he is so good at it. The kids love him so and so do I.

Happy Fathers Day to all dad's especially all the brothers in my family

Lance, Channing, Conway, Paul, George, Ryan, Cole, Trask

and even the ones that don't have kids yet

I know that you will also be very good dads someday

Logan, Don, Oliver, Bryon, Albert and my little guy Kenya

Swimming time

Miles mom just finished the remodel of her house (Miles did the house plans) she added an indoor swimming pool and we take the kids swimming ALL the time.

Kenya and I late night swimming

We have Kenya float on his back. To start with we put our hand under his bum and then let him go. After that he will go under the water and flip around onto his tummy

Miles with Azure-she also enjoys the water a lot.

Miles with Kenya and Azure.

Azure practicing floating on her back.

When Kenya was just about a day old, during bath time we would blow on his face and dunk him under the water. I started teaching him swimming lessons at 5 months and he has done great since.
Kenya can swim from one person to the next dogie paddling-he also likes to be let go so he can swim back up to the top of the water. He loves jumping off the side into the water and he almost NEVER gets water in his nose or mouth.
We have been doing the same with Azure and so far she has been enjoying the water too.