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Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's been a while since I have talked about Kenya and potty training but I will now officially say KENYA IS POTTY TRAINED!!!! and has been since 21 months(June)
since it seems everyone has there own idea of what being potty trained is I will tell you what it means when I say it.

-Kenya wears underwear at all times, No more diapers at ALL
-He stays dry ALL the time, maybe once a week he will have a wet night
-He tells us when he needs to go potty
-He can hold it for at least 4 hours during the day if he wants and knows how to hold it when he really needs to go.

I wanted to have a potty party for Kenya so he knew how great he did and should be excited about wearing BIG BOY underwear.
We started by putting away all the diapers in the closet that Kenya didn't use.

Then we gave him his BIG BOY underwear, danced around and sang some songs about no more diapers.

He wanted to put them all on

We got him a wagon full of beach toys (which we keeps Lego's in) for his potty party present
Kenya's potty chart

Since people always ask me how I potty trained Kenya at such a young age I will tell you what I did

-I bought the padded underwear and wore plastic pants over the top until he stopped having accidents then I took away the plastic pants except for at night. I acted really excited every time I checked his pants and he was dry, and every time he went on the toilet.

-I made it part of his daily routine, and waited to push it and put underwear on Kenya until AFTER Azure was born and us moving because there was LOTS of changes along with those events and I didn't want him to go backward in training(too many changes can be really hard on little kids)

-After being settled into our house and being back on track I stopped putting him in diapers during the day except for nap. When he started to have less accidents during the day, I took them away during nap and then finally at night. We were lucky.... he picked right up on it and stayed dry. It took about 2 months once I put underwear on from start to finish.

-I would take him potty about every 1/2 hour to hour until he got better at holding it. (I read kids are not able to completely control the muscle that allows them to pee and poop until 20 months???)

-I didn't listen to what everything and most everyone said about not being able to potty train completely until 2 1/2 years, and boys being harder so you should wait longer.

-staying positive. If I didn't and got mad at Kenya for things like having him sit on the toilet only to get off and pee his pants he would have more accidents the rest of the day. So when he did have an accident I would change him and simply tell him he needed to go potty on the toilet.

-When Kenya was 14 months old I started changing his diaper in the bathroom and putting him on the toilet to sit every time I changed him. As soon as he got up from naps the first place we would go is on the toilet to sit and try- he liked the have his blanket with him. Sometimes I would give him toys or books so he would stay on and go potty.

-I gave him "potty treats" after sitting on the toilet normally just candy, but this had to be changed up or he wouldn't care. We switched to a potty chart instead of candy at the end. He got to pick his sticker and put it on the chart. This worked good with my little brother so I thought I would try. Getting stickers of things your kids like helps too (thanks for the idea mom).

-We sang if your happy and you know it go pee (or poop). He loved this one and it almost always worked

-When I knew he needed to go but didn't want to I had him walk around naked, Miles was the only one that had issues with this one, because Kenya went on the floor when he did it.

-Once you go to underwear and out of diapers NEVER go back! Miles would want to put him in a diaper if we were going out of the house, I said no and went prepared for accidents.

-BOTH of us had to be involved. I could tell Miles thought I was making our lives more complex by training so early but once he got Kenya excited about it and was more supportive it made a HUGE difference and Kenya did much better(Kids are smarter then people think)

Miles was a big help with this whole thing and I can't imagine Kenya in stinky diapers- We are all a lot happier!

I can go on and on as I remember all the things we did to make this work and go smooth but this post is already too long!

ok I thought of one more I used a potty seat and put in on the toilet seat instead of using a potty chair.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Like I said Miles was hoping that the frog would be a good pet and I would look no further. By the time he found the frog I had already started looking for other pets.

I wanted something that the kids could play with and would not bite. A dog was my first thought but I know I am not ready to choose a dog(not ready meaning we WILL have one when I decided I want one), I don't want to get one if I know I can't spend time with it. We have one across the street for now too. I was sure I would get a hamster. I was at a pet store and was told a hamster would bite(I had a couple a few years back and they do) plus they stay up all night. They told me the best pet for kids would be a guinea pig or a RAT! I was leaning toward the rat but wanted to wait and look into it more.

As you can tell I decided on a guinea pig after reading a LOT.

I made this cage with a little help from Miles. It's 4ft by 2 ft. I wanted to make it a 4x4 but Miles freaked he said "Erin are you kidding me these things are not dogs!"

Kenya likes to stand over them and watch

He also plays with them in the backyard, your suppose to let them out and run around, they love to eat the grass. Kenya follows them all around and makes sure they stay out of trouble.

Miles LOVES them and plays with them all the time!!! (ok so not really, he tells me he is going to throw them out the window all the time). "piggies" are jumpy animals and run if you spook them- I'm not sure who gets more spooked the pigs or Miles, that is one reason he hates them. Sorry for Miles that they live 5-7 years!!! But since we both get what we want he is not bitter.
I lowered the cage so Kenya can watch them better and pet them when he wants.
Popcorn (short hair) and Mo. (long hair) Both boys.. Trust me on this one, I won't go into detail but I am positive. In the store they are about $20-$30 each and you don't know their history. I decided to look on Craig's list and found these 2 brothers that were only 5 weeks old and $5 each. I asked the lady if she was really going to have me pay $5 a "re homing fee" she said "yes if you can't or don't want to then that probably means you can't take care of them." I guess if you have $10 bucks that means you are able to afford a pet???
The piggies eat guinea pig food, hay and almost all fruits and veggies. They are smart and can be trained to go potty in a box. So now I have moved on from potty training Kenya to Potty training the pigs.
When I went and picked them up I asked the lady if she wanted baby piggies. She told me she had one and wanted another (piggies do better in 2's) so she went to the store and bought another boy or so she thought. She said it started to get fat and have big nipples so they realized it was pregnant. She said she was SURE these two were both boys.

Kenya does great with Popcorn and Mo. He helps me clean the cage and loves to feed them. They are allowed outside, on a blanket on the carpet or on the hard floor.
Pigs make about 10 different sounds that all mean something different, they really are smart. When they get excited they jump straight up and down like popcorn when it pops. That is why one is named Popcorn. Oliver picked the names, Miles refused to have any part in it. We still love him because he gives us what we want :) Miles just likes to have wild pets so you don't have to keep them forever. I think it's good for kids to have pets around. Kenya LOVES all animals and it's because I have made them part of his life. Something my mom and dad did with my brothers and I.
Oh by the way our duck eggs didn't work this year. After the first 6 eggs were duds the farm send 6 more out for free. Those 6 didn't make it either. After a lot of time and hassle we decided to try again next spring when we will be a lot more prepared and we will have Logan to help us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In June while we were in Salem/Turner visiting family Miles came across this HUGE Bullfrog in the middle of the road. He pulled over, caught it and brought it back.
Miles thought he was lucky since, We have a few drain areas around our house, where there are frogs. I asked Miles soon after we moved in to go and catch us a frog (you can hear them all the time and we even had one hiding in our yard) so Miles jumped the fence and looked for a while but came out empty handed.
Since Miles didn't get a frog I told him I wanted to buy a pet. After he caught this frog he was hoping I wouldn't buy a different pet.....

Right before we decided to let it go, it jumped out and I had to chase it that's why it's so dirty.

It lost a lot of weight. We had it for about 3 weeks and it wouldn't eat that's why we let it go.
Kenya really liked the frog, he always asked to pet it.

We told Kenya to kiss the froggy good-bye

Over the 4th we let the frog go in a big pond (in the background) that belonged to my parents friends. We didn't know how it would do after sitting in a cage for almost a month, it was weak. When I put it in the water it swam under some Lilly pads so we hope it made it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Azure's blessing and Logan's homecoming

Wednesday June 4th Miles and I went down to Salem with the kids and stayed until Sunday night. We had 2 graduations to go to and Logan was coming home that night.

We took our kids and hung out at the Salem airport at 10pm with some of the Johnson's waiting for Logan to return home from his mission in Mexico. It was great to see him after 2 years and fun to be there when he walked into the airport.

We counted down with Kenya up to the day that Logan came home(Kenya was born a few months after Logan left) We would say"Kenya 2 more days until uncle Logie comes home from his mission in?"

Kenya would say "MEXICO"

Now if we ask him "Kenya where did Uncle Logie go on his mission" He says "MEXICO"

I have been teaching him where his aunts and uncles live that are not close to us, he is able to say Utah and Idaho.

Sunday June 8, 2008 Miles was able to give our little Azure her baby blessing. Azure was almost 3 months old. The reason we waited so long was because of our move from Idaho to Washington and we wanted as much family to attend as possible. My brother Oliver was coming from Utah to visit and Logan was returning from Mexico.

We decided to bless her is Salem since Logan would be giving his homecoming talk and it was easier to go down and stay instead of having everyone come to Washington by 9am.

We started the morning off by going to Logan's report to the high council which is one of my favorite things about a missionary in the family coming home. I loved it, the spirit was so strong and I know Logan was a great missionary.

Here is Logan with Azure and Kenya. Being in Mexico made him a lot more comfortable holding infants, he told me people always wanted to take pictures of their babies with the "white" missionary.

We had almost all the Johnson side of the family but didn't attempt to take pictures.

Here is my side of the family that was able to make it.

Roice, grandma Jackson, Oliver, Azure, Me, Kenya, my mom, my step dad, Bryon, Miles, Karli and Albert.

Kenya getting in the picture to give Azure a kiss

Lots of pictures of Azure in her dress, this dress was huge and all over the place. Miles asked me to change her all day because she was slippery and he didn't like holding her with it on.

Azure has started to lift up her dresses and put them in her mouth

My mom and grandma with the kids

Dave, my mom, grandma and Roice with the kids

Oliver with Azure. OK so Oliver is on the market... look how good he is with kids, Azure was hungry and tired and he got her to stop crying. (if you know of someone he should date let me know! It would be perfect if they went to BYU).

If you look close you will see a little tear drop by Azure's eye .. soooo CUTE!

The Homecoming was GREAT and so was the blessing. Logan gave a good talk and the Johnson boys sang a song (they were asked by the stake president to sing it a 2nd time). We are so grateful to the family members that were able to attend. We were able to have 1o family members plus Ryan stand in the circle as Miles blessed Azure. I am grateful that I have a husband who is worthy of the priesthood along with so many family members.

We are so glad that Logan is back, he is so fun to be around and good with the kids. We will miss him when he moves, especially me!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Here are a few pictures of Azure and Kenya in the jogger ready to go running. I bought the jogger before I had Kenya and have used it A TON!
Since we moved this is the main activity that I do with the kids away from home and they both love it! Kenya always asks for snacks and water.

The rain cover I use not only when it's raining
but also when it's cold or windy to protect Azure better.

Often the kids will be asleep when we return home, especially if it's close to nap time.

I run at least 6 miles a week and
have recently started doing at least 9 miles a week.(normally 3 days a week)I have missed running in Oregon/Washington climate, but getting use to the hills again was hard at first. We live out in the country which is also a plus for running-except for the birds that dive bomb, running on the road with traffic until I found a safer route and watching out for dogs!

I must say it's all worth it :)