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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This post if for my aunt Charleen......Because Azure now fits into her pink flip flop sandals. Charleen bought them for her when she was born.
I also wanted to get Azure some new earrings so we went to the mall and found some SUPER cute ones (24 pairs later). If you look close you will see the flip flop earrings in her ears(if you look really close you can see her bottom teeth too, but they are still little.) As soon as I saw the earrings I thought of Charleen. (For some reason some of our pictures get big, if you click on them. BUT some don't so if you can't enlarge them, click on the ctrl button and scroll with your mouse at the same time and the images on the screen will enlarge,)Charleen and Nathan are like my second parents. They have always helped our family when we needed them. They also were the only ones I allowed to watch Kenya for almost the entire time we lived in Rexburg. When we went to the temple they were always willing to babysit...We also went to dinner a lot or sometimes they would drive a 1/2 an hour just to visit with us. We miss them being close. Living close to family is just about the only thing I miss about Rexburg.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

#3 on the way!!!!

So I think I have forgot to mention that I am pregnant again! We just found out it's another boy! I am due in January, Azure and the baby will be 10 months apart. Here is a picture of me 20 weeks along or 5 monthsSo if you were not able to figure out I was totally lying I am. I don't have an ultra sound picture without my name, or date. And all the pregnancy pictures I have are in our old tiny apartment. This one is when I broke my wrist playing football while I was pregnant with Azure (this really is my 20 week picture with her). I think my family is too smart to figure it out.

So someone in the family just found out they are having a boy but I don't know if everyone knows so I'm not going to mention any names..... We just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
ps... I wouldn't mind if I was really pregnant I'm ready but I'm not sure Miles is.......... yet
pps. For all the people wondering if I am trying to get pregnant the answer is no, I know most of you were thinking about asking but probably never would.
When Oliver was here he said to Kenya "is your mommy going to have another baby" I looked down and said "do I look fat is that why you ask"

Berry Picking

Can you tell Miles is excited to be picking??? It was my idea, Miles did say the berries were really good and he was a good sport. He thinks he doesn't like a lot of different foods because of when he was little. Slowly as I get him to try something again he decides he likes it... Fruits and Veggies are on the top of my list but on the bottom of his. Good thing the kids are with me more.One of the main things I missed SO much when we lived in Rexburg was the fresh fruits and veggies. I am not a organic freak because lets face grandma didn't have organic food and she is still alive and kicking strong. When we lived in Idaho I worked at the "higher class" grocery store and I hardly was pleased to buy and eat the produce.

But now I am back to an area where I can go and pick some great produce. I missed a few favorites like strawberries because we have been busy. BUT we were able to get some advice on a REALLY good Blueberry farm. We all went as a family and picked for about and hour.

Kenya was the best helper as you can imagine, he liked to pick all the green and wasn't interested in the blue ones. We would try to put him on a bush that had only blue but seconds later he was picking green again on a different bush.

After a while we just let Kenya do what he wanted with some encouragement to pick the blueberries. Right before we went to pay we looked in his bucket to see this....

TONS of pine cones and he didn't want to leave them behind! (for real he doesn't normally smile like this either)

Here is the end result, Miles and I got some REALLY GOOD berries and, well Kenya did OK but all the good berries he had were smashed by the pine cones.

We tried to pay extra for the berries we wasted but the owner told us not to worry about it and even gave us too much change. When we told him "you gave us too much money" he said "oh it's close enough" (it was a cute little old man).

I am excited for next year when I can get lots more produce as the seasons pass, and we might even start a little garden of our own.

We have blackberry bushes close to us, and all over so we have picked those a few times. When we go running and Kenya sees the blackberries he always asks for them so I stop and pick him some to eat while we run.
Just a few reasons why I love living where we live.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oliver's visit part #1

Oliver came to Oregon/Washington to visit in June. We were busy doing something everyday. Here is #1 post of the visit, we have SO many pictures I will have to spread them out.Bryon's graduation
The kids at a raining wedding we went to
Deer at my parents house
More pictures from the wedding Kenya LOVES to hang from things, he was on the tree FOREVER. Is it strange that girl in the background is taking pictures of Kenya???? Since I have NO IDEA who she is.
Some of these pictures are from Oliver, but since he doesn't post on his blog I will put them on ours.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miles gets to go to A BYU football game!!!!

I checked our email Sunday to find this.....

Miles, I wanted to invite you to come on September 5th Friday night to go to Seattle. We will be spending the night at the Marriott and doing a session in the Seattle Temple early Saturday. We will then be going to the BYU vs WA Football game at noon. Tickets, transportation and Hotel are provided.

Miles just got called as a counselor in Elders quorum and I guess the new Elders quorum president thought this would be a fun idea, plus he knows the dad of BYU's safety.

Miles LOVES watching BYU football games and in fact now that we just switched to direct TV and have a DVR our life's will soon turn into football 24-7. We wanted to go to a BYU football game when we lived in Rexburg but it never worked out. So of course Miles will be attending this one....too bad we are not invited :( I know if Miles could bring one person along it would be brother Ryan and the next pick might be me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sun . . . Dance . . . Meadows!!

A few weekends ago, we went to the vacation spot of Miles childhood. This ranch, called "Sundance Meadows" was where Miles family spent their summer vacations. For two weeks of the summer they would camp at this ranch of which they were owners. While there, he and his brothers would spend the days hunting, fishing and just hanging out. This place is home to some of Miles fondest childhood memories. So, since we now live so much closer we decided to take a weekend trip. Thanks to Lance and Debra who were able to give us a guest pass. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Here we are enjoying the hot sun with the kids by the pond in beautiful Bend Oregon
Miles took Kenya on his first real fishing adventure. They spent a lot of time by the pond casting for fish. Kenya loved reeling the line in. Most of the time Miles would hook a fish for Kenya to reel in. He had trouble stopping his reeling so a few fish were reeled right out of the water to the pole tip. Miles had fun teaching me how to fish as well. I went when I was little with my grandpa Jackson but besides that I have never really fished.A good fishing trip always involved good snacks. Kenya had his fair share of treats and in between breaks of fishing we would eat m&m's. When Miles was little he would save up all his allowance and spend it on candy to have while at the ranch. So in the spirit of reliving memories Kenya got unlimited snacks for the weekend and believe me he took full advantage of it. Miles's rule was anytime Kenya wanted a snack he could have one. He nearly polished off the entire m&m bag and a tub of licorice.
Kenya and Miles fished into the night and caught nearly a hundred bass and bluegill. They couldn't keep them off the line. Here is Kenya holding a fish he reeled in by himself. He liked to hold them and was so brave and excited. The whole time Miles told Kenya that they were trying to catch "the big one". He kept saying "fishy, Catch A BIG ONE!" On their last cast, they caught the "big one" . He was very polite to the fish saying "bye bye fishy" and he would make a splashing sound.
Here is a little blast from the past. Miles Johnson catching the "Big One" at Sundance Meadows 1988.
Kenya Johnson, catching the "Big One" at Sundance Meadows 2008.
We also did some hunting (not the way Miles did growing up, they shot and skinned anything that moved), we just did some shooting out in the sagebrush. Kenya was a little afraid of the gun. You can see him hiding by my legs in the picture below. But he was brave and pulled the trigger a few times. I encouraged him by singing a song "papi did it". And every time we asked if he wants to shoot the gun he sings in a terrified voice, "no thanks" followed by "papi did it!"
Here we are out tramping though the sage brush just like Miles did as a boy. Miles has always said that his favorite smell in the world is sage brush just after a thunderstorm. He was lucky enough to enjoy that smell.Here I am with Azure shooting the .22. Don't freak out, it is an extremely quiet gun.
Here Kenya is with our only catch after hunting. Miles caught this Horned Toad. We played with it for a while and then let it go. We were going to give it to Adam who already has one as a pet, but it wasn't the right kind. Kenya was so brave and loves to touch ANY animal and is so sad when they have to be let go.
Miles would catch lizards, rabbits and just about anything during his days there. His brothers of course were right by his side.
It was a feisty little guy and would open it's mouth like this and hiss at us.
We also paddled out on the pond with the kids. Here we are in the paddle boat.
Time to go home.
We had such a great time and Miles enjoyed spending time showing Kenya what it was like for him growing up. Kenya loved it too. I had a lot of fun hearing more stories about Miles when he was a little boy. When Miles and I were dating I went with his family to the ranch but taking our kids there made it a lot more fun. It was right up Kenya's alley - animals and candy. It was a fun trip down memory lane for Miles and we had lots of fun fishing, hunting and swimming Miles says the ranch is one of his favorite places in the world.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leave no toy behind

Kenya for some reason likes to stack things next to or on top of Azure
I was packing up things after a weekend in Salem, I turned around to see Kenya helping by gathering our slippers Azure started to fuss so I asked Kenya to run downstairs and play with her. I returned to find this, the BIGGEST book he could of possibly found on top of her. He was pretty proud of himself too!

Giving Azure way too many toys-as you can tell she doesn't mind
And the latest......I gave Azure A couple of toys to play with on the ground. As soon as Kenya saw her playing on the ground he decided to start singing and emptying out Azure's basket of toys
After Kenya was done he said "yeah I did it!"

Friday, August 15, 2008


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My little bean in ALMOST 5 months

Here are a few (trust me I have lots more) pictures of Azure
Playing on Kenya's bed
In the Johnny jump-up 4 months

Azure holds tight to the bars EVERY TIME I change her, and has done ever since she was a couple of months. You would think she was holding on for her life... her grip is still super strong

The only thing I have used my boppy for is so my babies can practice sitting up, Azure was hanging out on the table and slipped down.

Kenya loves to do silly things like this with Azure.. the sad part is, most of the time it's my idea!
Azure is a very chill baby and is happy most of the time. Her personality is showing a lot, she always puts her legs up on things and just relaxes.
This is right around the time she turned 4 months
I love this one, she likes to hold up her dresses and I will find them in her mouth a lot of the time. If we leave the room with Azure in the swing, we come back to this... Kenya pushing her as hard as he can, over and over! Azure gets going pretty fast, all she does is giggle.

I'm not sure who tries to sneak more goodies to Azure, Miles or Kenya. I had to keep telling Kenya "Azure only gets mommy milk" Miles on the other hand sneaks treats and tells me later, If I don't catch him in the act.

When Kenya was a baby I gave him cereal at 3 months but I was going to wait until Azure was 6 months. Babies don't need anything but mommy milk until they are 6 months old BUT Miles talked me into it-Her first feeding was last Sunday. (I am sure some of you are thinking I am not feeding her more because I want her to stay small and that is NOT true). Her doctor even said it is recommended not to feed babies any type of solid until 6 months)
Here are a few pictures of her first bites.... Fed by Miles
I think Azure looks a LOT like Adam in this picture it might just be from the baby pictures I have seen of him but ever since she was born I will get a glimpse of her where I see Adam.
Always plays with her toes

At this stage it seems like everyday Azure does something new. Here is a list of some things about her:

***She has still NEVER been sick besides a little stuffy nose

***She can sit up alone for a short amount of time on the ground-if she is sitting on a chair she will try to sit up straighter and end up on her tummy. If Kenya is close she will launch forward at him.

***Loves to play on her tummy and back

****Grabs at and hits whatever is around her, and of course puts whatever she can in her mouth

***Bows her back to wiggle out of your lap. Or if she is sitting in a chair she will wiggle until she is on her back

***Is always making some singing sounds and "talking" which is fine until we try to have her quiet at church

***Enjoys to hang out with Kenya and look around when we go running

***At her 4 month app. she was 11 ibs. 8 oz (10%)-----24 1/4 inches tall (50%) STILL growing and the doctor said she looks "perfect"

***When Azure got her 4 shots at her 4 month app. she LAUGHED--- not kidding, every time the nurse put the needle in her leg she giggled-the nurse was shocked!

*** ALWAYS happy when I have her, most of the time when other people have her. If Miles is holding her and she gets a glimpse of me she wants me... But I'm just fine with that!

***When I want to snuggle with her, Miles will wake up to find her in our bed :)- But only sometimes.

***Naps good and sleeps long hours at night

***Is very ticklish

*** Wants what she wants when she wants it AND is a bit stubborn... I wonder who she gets that from???

***Just started using size 2 diapers

***Wears some newborn clothes. Normally wears 0-3 months, but because of how tall Azure is she wears some 3-6 months

****Rolls both ways

***Likes to sit with us and watch TV

*** ONLY eats mommy milk and loves it! (and a little cereal a night)

*** LOVES LOVES Kenya and playing with him- she gets excited whenever he is around. He likes to play with her, lay next to her and talk to her or he will just sing to her

***Still likes to be in the wrap all snug to me

***Almost always has a bow in her hair or is wearing a headband

***Enjoys bath time (and swimming)

***Giggles and smiles all the time (she has Miles's big smile, which I love)

***Likes to play with her toys and play peek-a-boo (Kenya plays this all day with her)

*** Mill worm crawls

***I love it when she walks up in the morning and just talks or sings until I walk in and then she gets a HUGE smile on her face.

*** 2 Bottom teeth look ready to pop! But they did look close to appearing around 3 months and didn't so no guarantees

***Last of the many.... people always stop and tell me how pretty she is, some guy even told me that we should enter her in a contest because she would win the prettiest baby award!