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Friday, October 31, 2008

A picture from our beach trip. Kenya ran around in his shirt and underwear.

While we waited for Miles to finish cooking the crab I painted Azure's fingers and toes. Kenya asked me to paint his blue so I painted 1 of his big toes. Kenya was excited about it and showed Miles, who doesn't really care but would rather I didn't paint Kenya's nails. (We both know this is not going to make him grow up and want to be a girl-- like I am sure some people think).

Right before we took this picture A little boy walked up to Kenya (he was probably about 4) and wanted to play. I noticed all 10 of his toes were painted bright red and started laughing so hard I know I'm not the only mom that paints their little boys toes when they ask.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Take a look at one of our family's blogs. Miles's brother Cole grew out his hair for 6 months for a show his band did.

Sick if you ask me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Newport Crabbing Adventure

A few weeks ago we went on a family vacation. We took a long weekend and went to Newport and stayed at the Embarcadero Resort on Yaquina Bay. I thought the place was ghetto but it had a private dock, pool, and hot tub and Miles had been there a few times before which is why we went. (Miles left the digital camera at Walmart. At first we thought we lost it, which I was hoping for so we could get a new one. We had to buy a disposable one that is why the pictures are low quality)The plan was to go crabbing as a family and enjoy some time on the Oregon Coast. When we arrived we headed down to the bay front and got some free crab bait off of the incoming boats. They were cleaning their catch so we took the fish carcasses to use as bait. It was fun to watch the ship hands clean the fish. Kenya enjoyed watching them (see pic below)
We also took the kids to see where all of the sea lions were. Kenya enjoyed watching over the edge and listening to the giant sea lions below barking their heads off. Azure seemed to enjoy it as well. We bought her a little toy sea lion as a souvenir for the trip.

We spent most of our time on the private dock at the resort working the crab nets. Kenya enjoyed the crabbing a lot. I definitely got tired of it because Miles was non-stop on a mission out to catch some crab. It was fun, especially when we'd pull up a starfish. Kenya and I begged Miles to catch us one after we found out it was legal (we'd thrown the ones we got back, this one was HUGE) but in the end Miles came through and got one for us that we took home.
Kenya's favorite part was kicking the "non-keepers" into the bay. There was a lot of them and he never got tired of his job. He'd kick them all into the water for us (nearly falling in the water in the process BUT I never let him to get far from me).
Kenya wanted to hold the crabs at first until he realized they could hurt him. So then he backed off, until we caught this little guy who was small and had no pincers. Kenya liked holding him.

To keep Kenya's interest we played games. For example, while Miles was pulling the pots we would sing the "crabbies" song/chant for good luck. We would also make the crabbies sign. Kenya loved to see what was in each pull and would get in on the action. He was so helpful that we had to put a life jacket on him for safety. I was planing on letting him do what he wanted and if he fell in he would be safe. (which didn't last, he has never liked life jackets).Kenya got pretty tired out but Azure lasted longer mainly because I had her wrapped up. After a while I was ready to be done because Miles wouldn't quit. He was pulling 5 rings every 15-30 minutes for nearly the entire time, and he wore himself out. But we made out good. We caught about 20 dungenous and 10 rock crab in the 24 hours we were there. So we got our moneys worth. Miles said it was the most successful he's ever been crabbing.

Our room was nice, and it was such beautiful weather, the best I have ever seen at the coast. It was sunny and fairly warm. There was a beautiful sunset on the bay (which we couldn't capture with the disposable camera).
Below are examples of how worn out Kenya got and how happy Azure was. She was so cute in her little swimsuit. Kenya was so mad because he wanted to go swimming in the pool and not take pictures with Azure.

Over all it was a fun trip. Miles enjoyed eating the crab, we had a bit too. We gave a lot away and froze some as well. This was the first plate of about 4 we ate.

We went to the beach on the way out and had lots of fun. It was the first time we had been in a while and the very first time the kids had been. I know it's sad since we came home to visit twice a year while we were in Idaho. The weather was just never good enough to make us want to go. Kenya LOVED the beach, he ran and ran and ran. The waves were over whelming for him and scared him when they came in. He didn't want to get close to the cold water after we ran into it. One of the first things he said was "lots of sand" We could of stayed and played all day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You might see this if you look in our backyard......

For a while Kenya liked to be "more free" and wearing clothes was not on the top of his list of things to do.
If you've had a birthday shout HURRAY!!!
Kenya turned 2 on the 5th of September and we had a little party for him.

He got this card in the mail from Uncle Adam, Aunt Ashley and cousin Adahleigh with some money inside so we went shopping!!!
Kenya picked out this dump truck and loved it!!! He had to play in the dirt as soon as we got home and he even slept with it for a couple of days.
We also got him some candy. The rest of his money he put in his "mission jar" If you ask Kenya what is your money for he will say "mission"
Kenya LOVES LOVES the little Einsteins (and no it's not the same as baby Einsteins, he didn't like those when he was little)
So I made him this cake. I must say it was pretty easy and fun to do. The red frosting was difficult I learned you have to buy it concentrated (found the dye in the cake section at Walmart) and red frosting gets darker after 24 hours of sitting.

Miles was on camera duty that is why there is only about 3 pictures... He tells me I take too many, Oh well. He also filmed some of the party.

These are a few of his favorite presents he got. But we don't have picture of any! The tractor is from our neighbors and I was a little sad I think he likes it more than his rocket that I thought he would SUPER love. It might have something to do with the fact that he was with me when I bought it?????

We had about 28 people attend the party and all but 6 were family. We had a blast and Kenya was happy to have some friends over to play with. He always loves to see family too!

Thanks to everyone who came.

Kenya is growing so fast and we love to see what he will do next!

At his 2 year appointment he was

26.6 ibs------50%

35 3/4 inches tall-----90%

The doctor said he looks good. He has always been in the 50% for weight and 90% for height.

I try to update the "happenings" on the right side of the page for the kids but I will add a few things about Kenya

***Can count the 10 in Spanish and English (sometimes higher)

***Talks in sentences and is able to express what he wants/needs and is able to say it well

***Pretend plays

***Is mami's big helper, Always plays with Azure and is protective of her

***Still loves balls, dirt and getting wet

***Still loves all animals/living things. I catch things like caterpillars, beetles and put them in a jar for him, after a couple of days we let them go. He will pet slugs if he sees them, was a little scared the first time until I did it, now he does it all the time.

*** Knows his colors and shapes

***Loves to learn, he will ask me about things all day long "what's that" He enjoys doing flash cards. He always asking us what we are doing over and over.

***Still loves to read and be read to

***Prays without help.

***Whenever we go somewhere on the way he tells me he will be a "good boy", "will listen" and will "be obedient". Things we talk about often.

****Lately says ummmmm before he speaks- learned it from his 3 year old friend K.C. who he LOVES so much and gets so excited when they get to play

***Likes to color, play in his sensory table, or do whatever else I come up with- Sand is his new love

*** Loves going to nursery on Sundays

***Kenya is really smart and talks a lot for his age. I'm not just saying this because I am his mom. People tell us all the time he is advanced for a 2 year old. When people ask us how old he is they tell us they thought he was at least 3 or older.

***Is able to sing lots of songs alone.

***Can spell his name K-E-N-Y-A

***Understands what Miles tells him in Spanish and speaks Spanish a little. He says his night prayers in Spanish

***Ever since Kenya was a baby I would always tell him to "listen" and we would talk about what we heard. As soon as he could start talking he starting saying "listen" all the time and still does. Miles calls him August Rush (if you have not seen the movie you should it's good)

I could go on but I won't We love this little guy. Part of me wants him to stay small FOREVER- Miles likes that he is growing up so they can rough house more.

Kenya loves doing "musica time" with Papi

Monday, October 6, 2008

I must confess that I have had no desire to sit and blog lately.

Starting our blog was Miles idea, I was totally against it. When I remind him of this he says "I started it and you get to finsih it" I will say it's fun to do..... sometimes.

One of the reasons I do blog is so family that does not live close can see what we are up to and watch the kids grow.

It's kind of like a journal too. I have realized just like with the kids journals they would rather play with mami instead of reading about all the things they did growing up.

If I happen to get sucked into looking at peoples blogs, I realize I was on the computer longer than I wanted to be.

I find it on my list of "to dos" to post something new if it's been a while. But I always feel better once I look at someones blog and it's been at least a month since they have posted anything.

It's another task that takes me away from doing other things that are probably more important. Like I said before I try to stay away from blogging unless my babies are sleeping and my house is clean.
Right after Uncle Logie came home from his mission he wanted to take some of the kids to feed his ducks that he hatched and let go over the years.

Here is Kenya with Cousin Rylee and Logan feeding the ducks

They both decided to save a piece and eat it.