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Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Fun

Kenya was a spider. We practiced saying trick or treat. We had to tell Kenya he needed to shout it because he was too quiet. In the end he did great with the help of K.C.
Azure was a little lady bugOf course I painted her fingers and toes black.Our spider and lady bug. At this point your probably thinking what is all over their faces? All I will say is Miles wanted to do the face painting. I thought it looked OK but after I saw the pictures I now think otherwise. Maybe next year we will rethink the face paint.Kenya showing his spider legs.
Miles is the best at setting the camera timer and running into the picture within his 10 sec. time limit.On our way!!!!!!!!!!!I could of taken pictures of Azure all night, she puts up with it too. Kenya on the other hand didn't want to hold still, he just wanted to run around and play with K.C.I worked hard for this one. Azure was getting tired so she started to eat her feet.
Kenya and K.C. trick or treating. Kenya was more interested in counting pumpkins, looking at decorations and petting dogs. Miles took him around our neighborhood before we met up with K.C and someone let him pick out his own candy. For the rest of the night Kenya would try to pick his own candy out of the bowls and sometimes grabbing more then one hand full. A couple people seemed irritated by it and probably thought I had a rude little boy. OH WELL. The rest thought it was cute. With Kenya's first houses he would try to walk inside when they opened the door. We had to keep a close eye on this little guy.Our trick or treating crew. We went to K.C.'s new neighborhood. Kenya, Azure, Colt and K.C.
The kids had a blast. We would of went on for a long time but Colt was getting tired. I am hard core when it comes to trick or treating. Miles even asked if I was OK stopping when we did.
I posted this picture a while ago, below is mud bug (the dog)

This was his costume for Halloween but he didn't like it and it was too big for him. The couple of times Dawn (K.C's mom) put it on him he would wiggle out of it. Azure and him are close enough to the same size so I put it on her. She didn't mind either and we were all laughing. It's a hot dog and bun with Ketchup and mustard if you can't tell.

Azure enjoying a sucker.
My very satisfied little bugs....both so proud. Kenya was really the only one who got the candy. I was prepared to have Azure go to the door and get some as well but I decided not to.
Last year, Kenya's second Halloween but the first one he was able to trick or treat. He ended up with about the same amount of candy both years. (Miles did face make-up here too)
Last story. We were walking from one house to the next and Kenya took off running. Azure and I ran after him and I was telling him to stop but he kept running and yelling"run away mami, run away". He finally had to stop because the side walk ended and there were bushes. I asked him what he was doing and he said "run away mami, run into the bushes". Kenya must get bursts of energy where he feels he has to just take off and run because he does it every once in a while and thinks it's pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our little "human"

Our little girl is not so little anymore. It seemed like she was a baby for a long time (which I loved!) and overnight she turned into a little girl. The following are LOTS of picture of Azure and what she is up to!

Azure's 6 month check.....

14 ibs 4 oz, 20%---- up from 11 ibs 8 oz. at her 4 month and she was only in the 10%

25 3/4 tall, 50% -----up from 24 1/4 also 50%

Has now joined in during "musica" time and loves it! She also plays a little plastic piano, one of her favorite toys.
Kenya is always my helper and is right by my side. He likes to sit up on the changing table while I change Azure. The first picture he is holding Azure's knuckle so he can "pound" hers.
Azure enjoys playing with toys and now will let us know when she is not happy that we have taken her away from them. This is a picture of her being excited. When she is happy or gets excited she scrunches up her face and breaths through her nose really fast, it's funny.
Can sit like a pro and has been able to for a while
She gets excited when it's time to brush her teeth (we have been doing this since she was 3 month) LOVES to brush her own teeth. Miles has to fight her off until he gets the toothpaste on.
Likes to play outside. Looks like she is crawling but not yet. She likes to hang out on her hands and knees.Another water baby!
Still has a grip of steel. We wonder if this will ever go away, since she has had it from the time she was born.
Eating pretzels at a pre-blazer game we went to with Lance and the kids. Kenya loved watching the BB game. Azure was unsure of the sounds but I think she did great.
I love the chair we got Azure. I am not a fan of normal high chairs. This one clamps to the side of the table. She likes it too, and knows that food is coming when I put her in it. Here she is eating watermelon this summer in her baby food feeder.
Still a very chill baby. Notice her leg is up and she is hanging out!
Azure likes to eat little snacks I give her. including finger puffs, bread and a new found love for banana bread. I decided to make ALL of her baby food that she eats. Miles talked me out of it with Kenya and tried with Azure but this I told him I was doing it no matter what. She has loved everything I have given her except mashed bananas- I don't think she liked the texture. Blue tongue from a summer full of otter popsThis is one reason I have so many pictures... I think of little things to take pictures of.

Kenya has always liked to climb into Azure's crib and play with her. A couple of weeks ago I had just put Azure down and Kenya went upstairs, I didn't know what his plans were. Until I heard a lion roar on the monitor. Miles went up to see what was going on and found Kenya is Azure's crib sitting next to her and roaring. Lately Kenya has been roaring at Azure because she giggles every time he does it. I guess he was not ready for her to take a nap. I was surprised to go and see Azure still sound asleep. Yes Kenya did get a big time out! Which was going to his room to sit on his bed, he sits there until we tell him he can get off.
Even though Kenya only weighs about 10 more pounds then Azure he likes to pick her up. (Azure 5 months)
A day at the zoo, Azure was ready to leave
Azure is a totally different child then Kenya. For about a month now she rolls where she wants to go. She will roll from her tummy to her back over and over all over the room. I can't believe how good she is at this. If Azure wants something that is not by here she will roll to it. She mill worm crawls a little, and she is also really good at reaching for things. I was trying to film her rolling but she was not in the mood and got stuck up against a wall that is why she is crying.

Some more about Azure..

---She is such a smiley baby and sooooo happy all the time.

---Waves toward herself and reaches out for us to hold her

---Is getting closer to crawling. She will be on her hands and knees and rock back and forth back and forth. She took one little crawl forward this week. Miles and I both happened to see it! Before she started rocking she would bounce her body in our arms when we held her. Azure also does what we call the iguana crawl, she will move around all over just by moving her arms while she is on her tummy. ANY DAY and she will be crawling.

---Never took a bottle she either nurses or drinks from cup. This is how Kenya was I am glad I never had to take a bottle away.

---My mom is the only one I have left her with and yes she is getting close to 8 months.

---moved her out of the infant car seat, she likes being able to sit up more. Miles and I don't really like infant seats-we are not the parents that leave their babies in car seats all day so moving Azure up to a bigger one didn't change anything for us

---Gives hugs and kisses

---Wakes up at night for some mommy milk, I do enjoy my baby time during the night. For a ac couple months when I go to feed her at night she has been up on all fours rocking.

---Still has never been sick besides a stuffy nose

---Loves her Papi again and will let others hold her too, not such a mami's girl

---Azure has always been able to put her "sucker" in her mouth if she wants it during the night or during naps. It's funny to watch because she is still asleep.

--Still ends up in bed next to me often, Miles is still more surprised to not see her then he is too see her.

--I still put bows in her hair-and might be telling me she is done with them. Azure has pulled a few out before they are dry. If not a bow she has a headband (one of which she pulled off while we were shopping and I was not able to find it!!! I HATE loosing things. I look for them until I know I am not going to find them. I am not one of those people who loose socks in the washer or pacifiers I kept track of everything.)

---Still has a "sucker" she only takes at night. I started to take away at 5 months but then she started to suck her thumb so I left it alone.

---Her top teeth are getting closer to make their appearance

---Our 2nd baby without any type of bald spot on their head!

---Starting at 5 months about half the time Azure likes to be laid down in her bed with her blanket covering her instead of being rocked or nursed to sleep. She will either go right to sleep or will sing for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep.

---Still in total LOVE with Kenya I have never seen 2 little brother/sisters so in love!

This post is REALLLLLY long so I will stop.