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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let it snow!

Tuesday it started to snow late afternoon, so we all went outside to play after there was enough snow to play in. Miles saved his last couple of days off so he was home with us that day. It's a great thing he didn't have to work, traffic was HORRIBLE. A co-worker of his lives about 12 miles away from work he left at 3:45pm and didn't get home until 9:25pm. I was babysitting Maddie that day as well. It took her dad just under 1 1/2 hours to get to our house when normally it takes about 15 minutes. I don't even want to think how long it would have taken Miles to get home, on a good day it takes about an hour.

Miles and the kids got right to work at building a "frosty the snowman"
Jovi of course was in one of her favorite places the moby.... all covered up
I took the kids out the next day before the rain came and melted all our snow and frosty
Azure's little suit is size 12 months, it was a little small but worked. She is still tiny, but eats a TON. Azure still wears 6-9 shirts to 18 months and her pants are 12 and 18 months.Kenya worked on making snowballs
Azure was stomping, kicking and putting her feet in the water. I had just taken off her mittens because they were soaked (right before I did the video) when we went inside her socks were soaked too.

Kenya knew his frosty was going to melt as soon as it started to rain and warm up so he spent as much time as he could playing on it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The kids and I were looking

at some of our old videos and we came across this one.

Just a little reminder....

Miles was in Washington/Oregon for work

and also looking at houses to buy.

Kenya and I went to visit Adam and Ashley

until Miles got home. I was 38 weeks

pregnant, my doctor told me I could leave town

but I went into labor that night.

Ashley brought Kenya to the hospital and he wasn't interested in Azure at ALL.

Oh Holy Night

This is Miles performing Oh Holy Night at a Christmas party. You can't see him because of the lighting, but you can hear him. All the old ladies in the ward love him. When anybody doesn't recognize me I just tell them that my husbands the one that sings.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How do I run with 3 kids

I wasn't sure how I would be able to go running once I had 3 kids but I have tried a few different ways and I might have found one that works. I started running when Jovi was a week old just like I did when Kenya and Azure were babies. I know your not really suppose to exercise until around 6 weeks but my doctors have never told me not to and I don't ask :)

Things I have tried
  • 1st is going once Miles gets home, 6pm is about the earliest. With it being winter it gets dark early so I have to run alone at night which isn't very safe. Our neighborhood is right next to the freeway with mostly dark streets.
  • 2nd is taking one or 2 of the kids with me and Miles can watch the other so I am not alone. I have put Jovi in her car seat and set it in the jogger seat so she is covered good and Azure is in the other seat. Sometimes Azure and Kenya go and Jovi stays home.
  • 3rd I laid Jovi in the jogger with a few quilts to stay warm and Azure sat on Kenya's lap. They both liked it, I know it doesn't look very comfortable. I thought this would be the only way I could take all 3 at once.

I planned to go running when Miles got home today, on Fridays he normally gets done early but I knew it would still be dark. I decided to have Kenya wear the baby bjorn pack and put Jovi inside of it. That way Azure and Kenya would have their own seats. I came up with this idea after I talked to my grandma, she asked why I didn't have Kenya hold Jovi while I ran. I knew just letting him hold her wouldn't work, his arms get tired when he holds her at home in a chair. When I told Kenya I wanted to put the bjorn on him and have him hold Jovi while we went running he was pretty excited.

It worked pretty good, Jovi slept the entire time. I just need to have Kenya work on holding on to her better, Jovi was leaning to one side when I got them out of the jogger.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The night before Halloween we went down to Salem for a party Miles's sister Crystal had at her house. Don had just got home from his mission so we were able to hang out with him too. There was food and a haunted house for the kids, EVERYONE was suppose to dress up.
Miles and I both don't like dressing up for Halloween but we did it for the party, we got this idea from Oliver. I was almost 37 weeks pregnant, I am a referee holding the ball (my belly).
  • Don was surprised to find out the "ball" was really my belly. we thought it was funny when he poked my tummy and said "is that your belly, wow it's hard" The moms around him explained of course it is. There is a baby is in there, with bones. Miles is a basket ball player. Kenya remembered being a spider from last year and didn't want to be anything else. I didn't find a costume I liked for Azure so I let her be a lady bug again this year.

Ryan and June's family (they dressed up as black people)
June put a blanket in her pants to make her bum look big

Andrew and Lorelle

Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Miles came home from work this evening and told the kids and I to stay upstairs. He came back a few minutes later with a rose and a little note saying......

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a rose and tomorrow a rose garden.
(he gave me 2 tickets to a blazer game and I guess I will take him along)
Miles, me and Jovi will be going to a blazer game tomorrow night.
Since I don't leave my babies until they are
MUCH MUCH older and our little Jovi-Jo is
only a month she will
spend the evening in
the moby wrap, right where she belongs :)
Miles is doing the 12 days of Christmas, so from now until Christmas
I get a present everyday and I'm pretty excited about it!!!!
I always ask Miles questions about my Christmas presents a few weeks before and if I try hard enough I can guess almost all my gifts. This way we both win.
(And for all those office lovers (I'm not one of them) I'm sure your wondering if that's where Miles got the idea from, but he said he planned this out a while back)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pumkin Patch Fun

For preschool Kenya took a field trip to an older couples house from church that had a garden and grew lots of pumpkins. Kenya tried to collect all the little ones and told me he wanted to take them all home. He ended up with about 5-they are our inside pumpkins and will probably be around until they are rotten.

We got some big pumpkins too.

We went to a SUPER fun pumpkin patch early in October as a family.

To wash the pumpkins they have a hand pump that uses the same water over and over from a tank.

The farm has tractors that take people up to the pumpkin patch and back down. This was Kenya's favorite part.

Dried up corn taken from corn husks, the kids could of stayed in here all day

Kenya kept looking for "the biggest pumpkin in the whole world"
Pumpkin launching is another activity we did at the farm. Kenya really liked doing it with Miles last year but wouldn't even consider it this year, so Azure took over.

There is some farm animals we were able to pet and feed, the kids love doing this. This was one of the turkeys that had there. Azure reached in the fence and tried to pet it.
Hay maze, the kids didn't want to get out when we finally told them it was time to move on
There was lots more we did, it was a fun filled day for us. The kids were free to get in, for Miles and me it was $8 each which included a free pumpkin (any size) and a hot chocolate.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We LOVED berry picking this summer. My mom, Ashley and Karli got us lots of raspberries from Salem and gave them to us. Miles and I made lots of raspberry jam but we also ate lots. Kenya and Adahleigh enjoyed hanging out and eating them together.

I tried to post about some things we did in October but after trying for about 30 minutes and pictures not uploading I GIVE UP for now. Snuggling my baby is more worth my time-so I will try again.... later