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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Azure at Thanksgiving time, she couldn't pass up the roll at Nani's house.
Miles and Kenya passed out. Whenever we go to Salem to visit Kenya ends up exhausted. No naps, playing with cousins and ending the day running around with Albert, Karli and Bryon non stop. Kenya is too tired to know what to do.
My mother in law is always so nice to let my family go over and swim in her VERY warm pool. Bryon floated around for a while. Kenya continues to get better at swimming and Azure would stay and play all day if we let her.Azure playing with Kenya's monster truck, she always wants to do whatever "brother" is doing.
A couple months ago I started doing ponies in Azure's hair, she sits still for me too!
Azure playing with Kenya's ice cream bucket FULL of cars. What's one of the best things about having the first grandchild in the family--- they get spoiled. It's even better when you have a 13 year old brother who is starting to decide he is too big for some of his toys AND you visit a lot. The cars were a stretch, it was hard for Albert to give up all his "hot wheels". I think we almost always leave my parents house with more toys from Albert to Kenya. There is tough competition to who Kenya's favorite uncle is. I think it's safe to say Albert is always close to the top. Bryon is close behind because of the iguana and the fact that he NEVER says NO to Kenya about ANYTHING!During the summer we kept Kenya's hair short, I had Miles buzz it every couple of weeks. Since about August we haven't cut it. We decided we wanted to grow it out. Now Miles really wants to cut it but I'm not ready. This is what I see every morning until I fix it.
This is one of the ways Miles tries to get me to cut it.
Miles: Kenya, tell Mami you need a hair cut
Kenya: Mami I need a hair cut
Miles: See, Kenya even says he needs a hair cut
Me: Kenya, do you want a hair cut?
Kenya: No, I don't want a hair cut. I don't like it.
Me: See I won

Friday, January 9, 2009

Suze Orman's Free Book Download

Yes I do watch Oprah when I think she has good information on her show. Yesterday (1/8) Oprah had this lady (Suze Orman) on her show. Suze knows a lot about money and is giving free downloads of her new book for one week (Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. CT on Thursday, January 15.) Go to to get your free book. I think everyone can learn something from Suze.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Charles LaVard

Monday Morning Jan. 5th I received a phone call from my brother Adam to tell me Ashley had their 2nd baby. He was born at 5:45 a.m. Weighing 7lbs. 7oz. and 20.5 in. long. He is so precious. This is one of the only reasons I miss living in Idaho, I miss family that still lives there. I stole all these pictures from their blog, since I am not able to take my own. Seeing pictures of little CUTE babies makes me want to have another one-even if mine is still a baby. Now I need to talk Miles into another baby-he's not against it he just tells me not yet.

Charles LaVard (named after my grandpa, Mom's dad)

Adam, Adahleigh, and Charles (they are 15 months apart)Charles sleeping next to Adam

Ashley and Charles