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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DRUM ROLL.............................

Our pictures will be returning to us safe. I called 3 times before I was able to get a hold of our photographer. She informed me that she mailed out all the pictures she touched up before April (when we moved). Something must have happened to them in the mail BECAUSE we NEVER got them. I wouldn't be surprised if our old managers threw them out if they got received them. (We left on not so great of terms, long story. Don't ever live at cougar court is the best advice I would give to someone looking for housing in Rexburg)

She told me she touched them up even more and will sent them to us soon. I looked to see what I really sent her and discovered all we have in our hands are the negatives. We put all our pictures on cd because she wanted to touch them up and I didn't make ANY copies, stupid of me I know. But I really like the result of her touch ups.

ps. If it was normal to wear a wedding dress for more than just your wedding day I TOTALLY WOULD. It's sad to me that it just sits in a box- who knows if it will ever get out again!

Oh Christmas Tree

Miles and I were both excited to get our FIRST Christmas tree since we have been married. Our apartment in Rexburg was too tiny. The trees that you can buy there are not true Christmas trees, they are bare and small so we never bought one. Plus we always drove home to Oregon for Christmas.

We started our day by going to the cute little town of Ridgefield to check out the Christmas activities. This is one of the things we found, Frosty the snowman at the "skate park". Kenya was a little scared of him. We also saw Santa Claus but didn't take a picture because they were doing a fund raiser. We didn't have any cash and we didn't feel right about taking a picture with our camera. Kenya did GREAT with Santa, he sat on his lap and asked him for a wagon, a bike and trains. He wouldn't look up from the ground but we were proud he sat on his lap without a problem. We had been telling him for a few weeks if he was obedient Santa would bring him toys for Christmas. Azure of course sat next to Kenya with a big grin on her face
The search began, we went to a family in the wards Christmas tree farm. We could pick any size for only $10.

I though this little guy was cute.
Kenya loved running around in all the trees
I wanted this HUGE guy but Miles told me I it was TOO BIG and stood next to it to show me how big. It took forever to find a tree. Miles wanted a tall skinny one and I wanted a tall fat bushy one.Kenya thought the stumps left in the ground were fun to stand on
Azure enjoying being outside, did I mention it was FREEZING! I was wearing top and bottom of Miles's under armor under my clothes.
The following 5 pictures were taken by Kenya. I showed him how to take pictures and he didn't want to stop. Our final choice. Kenya realized I was taking a picture so he was running at me to have a turn.

Kenya had to get in on the action and help cut the tree
You might be wondering how we got the tree home??? We have 2 cars. Hint: Kenya is holding some rope.

Look how dirty those Knees are!

YEP! We tied it to the top of the car.....

Let me remind you Miles is not a boy scout and is lucky if he learned how to tie any knots. The way we tied the tree to the car is 1st: Miles and I put the tree on top of the car 2nd: Miles wrapped the rope a couple of times around the tree while I stood on the other side of the car and handed the rope back to him through the inside. He pulled as hard as he could and I closed the door so he could let go. We made it home and it didn't fall off

Azure had a fun day.
Miles trimmed up the bottom of the tree and next thing we know Kenya is trying to use the saw.
He got close to those little toes.
For Halloween/Thanksgiving I wanted a bail of hay to decorate with and this is how we got it home. It's safe to say Miles will do ANYTHING for me and if he doesn't want to I can talk him into it.Our tree

Kenya helped put hooks on the glass balls

and also put up our starOur final product. Miles thought the tree was too big but I liked it and like I said only $10We did Christmas the Monday before Christmas so we could go to Salem and enjoy the rest of the time with our families. After we got home I wanted to take down all the decorations and clean the house but I didn't tell Kenya we were getting rid of the Christmas tree. He loved to "wake the tree up" and turn on the lights. I took it down during his nap one day, he woke up he came down stairs and saw that it was gone. He asked us where the tree was and we told him we got rid of it because Christmas was over. Tears filled his eyes which BROKE my heart. He talked about it for at least a week, he would look in the back yard (where the tree was) and say "Christmas is over".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's been on my mind

I was looking at some of our wedding pictures on the computer, why you might ask. For our wedding Miles and I decided to have someone take pictures that was good at taking pictures, but not a professional (we gave it a trial run with our engagement pictures which turned out well). We did this so we wouldn't have to pay a ton for pictures or pay for each print we wanted.
A couple years after we were married she called and said she had gotten a new program for editing pictures and wanted me to sent them to her so she could edit them FREE (in Nebraska). Long story short, she still has our pictures and I don't really remember everything I sent to her. I called her yesterday and I am waiting for a call back. I can only hope that our pictures will return to us safely.
Some things I told Miles I wanted to do no matter what........... SILLY STRING was one of them. IF I could go back in time I would of had a professional or my cousin Kristy take our pictures and passed on the silly string. Facts: We didn't like most of our pictures, but we made the choice so now we will live with it. I have heard of peoples computers crashing and loosing all their pictures so I will be thankful that we have any.LOOK at Adam's face he was working hard at spraying silly string all over me, it was for the kids but some of them were afriad to join in.
Next up LOTS of Christmas pictures, I don't care that it's February I will still be posting Christmas.