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Monday, March 30, 2009

This is REALLY how Kenya's haircut ended. The Mohawk, mullet and rat tail were part of the hour long hair cut (Kenya was as patient as we could of asked). Out of all 3 I would of been ok keeping the Mohawk's because it can be worn down-maybe next time.

I put a temporary tattoo on Kenya's arm (it was a fairy). I showered him after his hair cut and he kept saying "take my angel off", "take my angel off, I don't like my angel."

Monday, March 23, 2009



Adam and Oliver both REALLY had a rat tail when they were in Elementary school BUT I remember theirs being MUCH longer then Kenya's.

Friday, March 20, 2009


After the MOHAWK came the MULLET
If you look close you can see that Kenya is stretching-still a favorite past time activity for him
Azure also did this during the hair cut. She loves her piggies. We have almost had them for a year now, and we are getting duck eggs to hatch in a couple of weeks.
Kenya LOVES dogs and always has. Azure LOVES them too, anytime we see one she gets really excited until I let her pet it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our new addition

Some of you might remember this picture. Kenya was 13 months old and loved being thrown on the lovesac. Could have something to do with the fact I went to Disneyland when I was 5 months pregnant and rode ALL the rides but one, or that I ran up until the day he was born (just shows being pregnant doesn't have to make you overly cautious or stop you from doing anything you wouldn't normally do, at least with me.)
Since the first time I layed eyes on a lovesac I knew I wanted one. When UPS dropped off the lovesacs they were in BIG oval boxes and looked like this as soon as I opened them.
I had been telling Kenya, Papi bought us some lovsacs and showed him on the calender what day they would arrive. As soon as I rolled them inside he started shouting "lovesav, lovesac I love the lovesac" He was so excited. Then he started telling me papi was going to throw him when he got home from work. He had just got done playing with Adahleigh on her aunts in Utah a week before and loved it.
Our 8" BIG ONE
Azure and Kenya love to snuggle in the sac and watch tv

Kenya flies higher and farther now

It's hard to fluff this HUGE GUY it weighs about 100 ibs. When Miles and I fluff it Kenya gets really excited and sometimes in the way. We flip in over and over and Kenya ends up under it screaming because he is squished.

The chair looks small but it's not.
They both love to hang out on the sac alone. In the description it says the 8" can fit 2 couples at a time, you be the judge. Miles and I (mostly me) LOVE it too, I think it's the only piece of furniture I have sat on in the month we have had it. If I was not married I would sleep on it too. Too bad for Oliver we have a NO ONE is allowed to sleep on our furniture rule in our house- ONLY on BEDS.

Our second is a 6" SUPER SAC this one weighs about 70 ibs. I was lucky to get this up the stairs into Kenya's room BUT when I did Kenya said "GOOD JOB MAMI, YOU DID IT." It's for the kids and lives in Kenya's room. He loves it and always asks us to move it, so he can jump from his bed onto the sac. Kenya climbs both sacs like a mountain
These 2 lovesacs were spendy but I think it was worth the money. If you talk to Miles he might tell you other wise. But we all spend LOTS of time on them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kenya loved playing the wii at nani and papa Dave's house on our visit over Christmas. Here he is boxing with Miles.
About a week ago when we went to Salem for football Kenya told me he was going to ask Nani, if he could play the"weed."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kenya's NEW look

It was getting hard for me to look at this cute little guy and tell myself he was still cute.
His last haircut was September 2008.

I finally told Miles he could cut Kenya's hair. WE had to talk Kenya into it and get really excited about having a haircut again. The reason why, since September Kenya knew his Mami didn't want his hair cut.

Notice: this picture is from summer time, when we buzzed him every week.

The work begins, Kenya was jittery during his haircut since it had been so long- he kept saying it tickled.
The RESULTS are in, Kenya's new doo, A MOHAWK.
He thinks it's pretty cool and likes to spike it. This is what Azure did during the haircut.
I told Cole I wouldn't do ANY crazy haircuts. I didn't want to grow it out so I could cut it crazy, I just wanted something different. BUT Oliver talked me into it. I know it looks white trash but since we are not WT it's OK right???

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Something I Miss

Being Tan.....

The Following are some pictures when I was MOST tan.

I use to go tanning once a day for a long time

and I loved it.

Kenya was 8 months old
Just about anyone would look tan next to Karli

The reason I stopped tanning..

I love my family and

I made a promise to this handsome guy that I would lay off (at least for a while).

I have too much cancer in my family history without tanning.

I have not stepped into a tanning bed

since Kenya was about

3 months old.

I told Miles this little princess would be

born tanner than her mamma and I think

she probably was.