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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who's who??? Azure is 13 months in her picture and Kenya is 7 months in his.

(pictures are from new years 2009)

Yesterday Kenya was sitting at the table while I made his lunch and this was the conversation.

Kenya: "I'm trying to get this nipple off" (as he is pulling on his nipple, HARD. He was not wearing a shirt at the time)

Me: "You can't take your nipple off, it's part of your body."

Kenya: "It's too stuck"

Only when your 2 do you try to pull your nipple off.

Ducks again

We are trying to hatch ducks eggs again this year. This will be about the 4th time we have tried and so far we have had no success. The difference this year is we bought everything instead of borrowing or trying to make up our own. We ordered six but one cracked in the mail, they came from Louisiana. They are about half way through now and we don't have any dead ones--it's looking good!! They are suppose to hatch at the end of the month.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 day pet--- Miles's favorite kind

My boys started working in the yard with some help from Azure and I, to make our yard look better. We put this off last year when we moved in, to do more important things.Miles found our friend, frog hopping in the back yard. We all had fun with himKenya liked getting the frog out of his jar and putting him back with NO help at all. I was impressed, he didn't even need any encouragement.
This was Azure's face right after we showed her the frog.
Kenya was VERY gentle
Azure did the best she could, right before this picture Miles put the frog in Azure's hand and he said she squeezed it so hard he thought she killed it.
She loved to crawl around after it as it hopped around the kitchen.
Azure even tried to take a few bites when we gave her a closer look
We told Kenya we could only keep the frog for a couple of days so it didn't die. He knows when things die they go to heaven "to live with heavenly father" because of talks we have had. When I told Kenya we could only keep it for one more day he said "No I want it to go to heaven and live with heavenly father" he really wanted to keep it. What talks I'm sure some are wondering??? Last summer when we went out running we saw a lot of road kill. I would stop and let the kids look at it, ONLY look. Kenya would say "brrrrrrrrrring!!!!!!!!!!!" to try to wake up the animal so I had to explain to him it won't wake up it's dead. I know I'm probably one of the only moms that lets their kids look at road kill but now anytime I tell Kenya someone or something is dead he says back to me "lives with heavenly father"
Our summer frog

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We had lots of fun this winter with all the crazy weather. It started to get really cold outside and icy so Miles decided to pour water down the drive way and let it freeze so we could slide.Kenya thought Azure should have a taste of snow

Kenya enjoyed sliding until we pushed him down alone, then he got mad. Azure was fine doing whatever but was probably wondering why she was bundled so much so could hardly move.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This picture is from November when sister decided crawling was better then just sitting around and watching Kenya. Once she picked up on the idea, we would find her under the table playing.
Our Ginger bread train. I made this from scratch and built it, Kenya decorated it.