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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kenya Bing

Things that come out of this little guys mouth almost always make us laugh. Miles and I just look at each other and smirk.

  • Last year Kenya had saw an unused tampon and said "look at this hot dog". Every time we walked past them in the store he would yell out "hot dogs"

  • This year Kenya saw a unused tampon again and he said "Mama it's a cheese stick" Both times I just told him no it's not, it's called a tampon.

  • Kenya asked for a candy, when Miles and I didn't respond he said "did anybody hear me"

  • I watch marathons or bike races on TV sometimes and Kenya watches them with me. We went to a water park with the kids, and there was A LOT of people there. Kenya said "look at this race"
  • After Kenya has done something he is not suppose to or is not listening he will come up to me and say "mama are you angry?"
  • Or sometimes he will say to me or Miles, "are you happy?"
  • Last summer when I took the kids to pick blueberries Kenya was putting things in the animal holes. He asked what the holes where and I told him they were animal holes. After that every hole he saw he told me there was animals in it. One example was our heater vents, "animals where are you"
  • We are not his parents, we are "guys" "what are you guys doing?", "lets go guys"

  • "I'm sorry I won't do it again", "I'm ready to listen", "I will be obedient"
  • Kenya started saying potty words to try to be funny and get people to laugh like poop- he picked up on this after playing with some older friends. "poop, poop" he will quickly respond before we can get after him by saying "I'm sorry I said potty words"
  • After watching his Papi eat a bite of dinner he will ask "do you love it?

  • When Kenya watched Sid the science kid for the first time, it showed what would happen if you didn't brush your teeth. Part of the show had an animation of a girl that had a hole in her tooth (cavity). Kenya really likes going to the dentist, it's his uncle Conway, but after this show he said he didn't want to go because he had "holes in his teeth" . This show scared him a little bit, he kept saying "I don't want to watch the pink kid" "I don't want holes in my teeth" "I have a hole in my tooth see" I had to keep telling him he didn't have holes in his teeth because we brush and floss his teeth.


  • Whenever he sees people doing things he always asks "whats the man doing?" or if its kids he will ask "what is that kid doing?"
  • When he is doing something he is not suppose to I tell Kenya that's not appropriate, so now he says it. We were at my parents house, Willie the horse started to smell him and he said "Willie that's not appropriate"

This is all we could think of for now, but it seems like everyday there is something new.

Miles and I were talking the other day.... Kenya has been COMPLETELY potty trained for a little over a year now, time flies. I started potty stuff with Azure a little before she turned a year- she is doing good. I would rather spend lots of time with potty business then to be changing diapers on a kid that runs around and tells me when they need/want to be changed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our New part time addition

This is Kenya with Maddie. I started watching Maddie about a month ago, when she was 12 weeks old because her mom went back to work (the family is in our ward). Kenya likes to snuggle up next to her.

I watch Maddie on Mondays and Tuesdays every week from 7:30am to 5pm. Occasionally I will watch her on a Thursday or Friday or both if her grandma has something going on.
The kids like to have her around. Kenya cried the first day her dad came to pick her up. He said "I neeeeeed Maddie"Azure really likes babies and gets excited when she sees them. Azure is only a few pounds heavier then Maddie, and they look about the same size. Azure hates the monitor, I think it scares her. when Azure hears Maddie cry on the monitor she lays on the ground and cries, granted her cry isn't a soft baby cry it's loud and deep. Both the kids are so gentle with her.
I know that I only have a 3rd child a few times a week but it doesn't seem much different or harder then having 2. The reason I decided to watch Maddie is I know I have a great husband who works hard so I can stay home. I have not had to have "real" job since the day Kenya was born (But I did work my bum off up to that day, with ALL the crazy jobs I did have). I know Maddie's mom would love to stay home and take care of her but can't right now. I am grateful I can stay home, this is just one way I can help another mom out PLUS the more kids the merrier!
  • In July I will also be watching a different family of kids a girl and a boy on Thursdays and some Fridays. There family is also in our ward and the mom just went back to work.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Favorite Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tube Mascara
I'm not too picky with my makeup and Miles doesn't love it when it's time to buy makeup he says "I didn't marry maybelline, I married you". Everyone knows makeup is way over priced
  • I thought I would try this new product out, since it came in a double pack for the price of one. This mascara gives thickness and length which is a bonus. The number one reason I like it is, IT'S EASY TO WASH OFF. I hate trying to get mascara off, especially if it's water proof. The only makeup remover I like that works good is made by NU SKIN, Oliver gave it to me since he works there. Using makeup remover is an extra step, and truthfully I don't even really like wearing makeup. I have gone swimming with this on and it doesn't smudge or smear and it's not a true waterproof mascara. The best part.... when it's time to wash off it only takes warm water!!! I didn't believe it when I bought it but it really does-no leftover black marks or rubbing your eyes off.

I'm sold on this product and would definitely recommend it

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our ducky

Some of you may be wondering if our duck eggs hatched. They didn't but it was not our fault this time, we did EVERYTHING RIGHT.

  • When we bought our incubator it came with a thermometer. Towards the end when the eggs should of been hatching I bought a digital thermometer because I didn't trust the one we had. We found out our thermometer was about 4 degrees off what we thought the entire time. With lots of advice from Logan we waited it out. I was pretty sure one of the 5 eggs left was not growing. Miles broke it open and we were right, no duck had formed. I had marked another one that I thought might of been dead but wasn't sure. Miles decided to break that one open as well. Inside was a formed duck still breathing, it was sad.

  • Then there was 3, I could see a duck in all of them and we hoped that they would hatch. The ducks are suppose to hatch between 28-31 days and we were past that time. Towards the end they are suppose to make peeping sounds and you can hear tapping. One of the eggs seemed like it would hatch but the duck was too weak to get out and died. We realized the ducks were incubated at too low of a temperature- like I said not our fault. I broke open the last 3 eggs and there were baby ducks in all of them, but they were dead. I just wanted a baby duck. Miles wanted to hatch ducklings, so we decided to try again.......
  • We went to a farm and bought 12 eggs (they gave us 18 because they have not had 100% fertile eggs). We will do 6 and Logan will do 6 (Logan has hatched ducks about 5 times and is GOOD at it) we should get ducks FOR SURE. When we were at the farm I asked the lady if they had baby mallard ducks, she did so I asked Miles if I could have some. He REALLY didn't want to buy any since we would have babies soon enough. BUT Miles played flag football in Salem with his brothers again this year. Which means EVERY Saturday we drove 1 hour and 15 minutes one way for Miles to play football this lasted a couple of months. More than that it meant I only got one day with Miles being home. He gets home at 6pm or later every night which doesn't leave a lot of time for anything. I wasn't too excited to go along with it again, I would much rather spend all weekend doing things in Washington as a family. I agreed because I enjoy watching football AND I was told it would be the last year. Anyway Miles told me I could have anything I wanted for supporting him during football and I picked my 2 VERY CUTE baby ducks.
Azure and Kenya loved them and did pretty well with them. We took them to the last football game, where all the kids played with them. I figured if they could survive that they could survive anything. I was wrong.

  • We took the ducklings outside on Sunday to play. Kenya got too comfortable picking them up and putting them down. He was holding one, and Miles asked him to put it down then he dropped it. Next he accidentally stepped on it's wing (I didn't see any of it) Miles tried to get him off but the duck had been flopping around trying to get away.

  • We could tell the duck was hurt but hoped it would get better. It would do ok for a while and then it would sit still and labor. A few hours later when Miles checked on it, it was laying on it's back and couldn't flip over. Miles tried to hold it upright and we were going to try to nurse it back to health but a few minutes later it died. I was REALLY sad. Kenya gave it kisses and said sorry. Since burying the eggs in the backyard Kenya knew that's where the duck would go. As soon as I told Kenya he had hurt the duck and it might go to heaven he said " I will get the shovel, to make the ducky better" Then when Miles dug the hole he had Kenya set it in and say sorry. Kenya gave it one last kiss and said "sorry ducky"

Meet Scribbles-named by Kenya. He is now our lone ducky. We almost only bought him but he was peeping a lot so we bought the other one for company. He is now alone again and peeps a lot.
We love playing with Scribbles. Ducklings will follow behind you when you walk just like they would with a momma duck-it's so cute. Kenya loves to play with him in the kitchen and have him run after him.The beginning of June is when we should have A TON of ducklings if all goes right.

Bath timeAnd my good looking husband who spoils me

More pictures from this winter. I am posting them now because I didn't post very many of them around the holidays.
Christmas morning- the first year Miles and I were married that we got treeOur two little peanuts. We celebrated Christmas the weekend before so we could spend the rest of the time down in Salem with both of our families. Here are a few pictures opening presents.As soon as Azure opened her bike. Kenya got right to work putting it together
Azure loved opening presentsI wanted to get Azure a baby. We showed her this one at the store as soon as we showed it to her she started to giggle.

Kenya REALLY started to LOVE trains around October. We told him if he was obedient then Santa Claus would bring him some trains. He talked about being obedient all month. With the help of Oliver I was able to find this perfect set at Ikea (We told Kenya we were going to Ikea, while shopping there Kenya said "Ikea where are you". He must of thought Ikea was a person)
Kenya got this big guy also. When he uncovered it we asked him what it was and he told us it was a "motorcycle". He didn't want to wear the helmet and I had to fight him to even put it on. We told him he is not allowed to get on his bike unless he had it on. As much as he loved his bike he was ok not being able to ride it as long as the helemt stayed off his head. Once I got it on him he was fine with it.
We went to Salem/Turner for about a week. Our plan was to stay with my parents. BUT they lost power for at least a week and lived with day light and candles. We decided to stay with Miles's mom in Salem. She also lost power but only for a short time and it was before we made our crazy drive down that took us 3 hours instead of 1 hour 15 minutes. We also saw a couple different semi trucks that almost flipped over. I would of been fine staying home and feeling safe but Miles wanted to get it over with- it was a very scary drive.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


These are the pictures we took for "Grandma Dawn's wall" Both our babies are 9 months old

Who Do you think they look like. Some people say the kids REALLY look like me and others say they look like Miles A LOT. I love this first picture of Miles he actually won something at J.C. Penny's for it when he was little-that's his Charlie doll we still have.

Our Naughty BIG Brother

In our house this is one of the many things Naughty BIG Brother teaches his baby sister

Azure LOVES Kenya and everything he does. Most of the time trying some things out later.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Frosty

From the winter of 2008

This is how it started

And ended

Kenya said he wanted to ride his bike....

And then decided it was too cold