Some Favorite Songs . . . We've got too many to list here

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson

Miles came home from work today and this is what he said
Miles: "did you hear what they are going to do with Michael Jackson's body?"
Me:"What" ( Thinking Miles was being serious)
Miles" Melt down the plastic into toys, so little boys can play with him"
Someone at work told Miles this joke...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

This is how we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, and the kids loved it!!!

Con: We taught Azure how to swing/ hit with a stick. The stick is from our easel board and is easy to take off. I have to watch Azure close to make sure she is not swinging it at someone or something. Kenya uses it for a bat in the house every chance he gets.

Papa Bob's visit

Back in January Miles's dad came up to Washington to visit us. We gave him Blazer tickets for Christmas and he invited Miles to go along with him. While he was here he played LOTS and LOTS of basket ball with Kenya, who is also up for playing basket ball. Kenya also learned some new phrases like, BAM DUNK, SWISH and BANK SHOT. Recently Azure loves playing basketball too, Kenya and her play basket ball often during the day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I pulled the swimming pool out of the garage yesterday and blew it up. The kids had a blast playing inside with it all day with blankets, pillows and books or whatever else they wanted. Azure liked to climb in and out of it and Kenya just thought it was so cool, especially since it was blue his favorite color.When I put it in Kenya's room and told him he could sleep in it he had the BIGGEST GRIN on his face.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Watched this movie last night with my sweetheart and we LOVED IT! SEVEN POUNDS

There is a Great Dane in Seven pounds and it made me once again consider getting one some day. Miles doesn't love the idea of having a dog but he promised me many years ago that I could have one. I think it's important for kids to grow up with animals. If you can't tell these dogs are HUGE and most people say they are the size of a horse. Last year I took the kids out running and we stopped by a garage sale, a Great Dane was walking around. Kenya being only 18 months, loving all animals and scared of nothing was trying to get the dog to play with him. He was also trying to boss it around even though it was WAY bigger then him.This is the other dog I really like. Doberman pitcher, I think they are so pretty. We went to Longview on Saturday (30 minutes north of us) and stopped by a pet store they had some little puppies there, the kids loved them. When we got in the car Kenya said "papi want to buy a dog?" Miles looked at Kenya and said "Kenya some day we will buy a dog but it won't be this day" I thought it was funny because I didn't even tell Kenya to ask. That is the first time I have heard Miles come right out and say we will have a dog. Even though he said I could get whatever I want when I want he still grumbles about it.

I use to really want a little dog, but most of them you have to keep inside your house and I'm too much of a clean freak for that. Who knows maybe I will get one of every kind.... not really

Monday, June 1, 2009

Loving the ipod

Both my little buds LOVE listening to our ipod and have ever since they were little. When we lived in Rexburg and it was football season we would turn on the ipod and let Kenya run around listening to it. It entertained him really well while Miles coached my team or played on his own. Kenya would run around and dance. Anyone who saw him said he was the "coolest little kids they ever saw". I remember one time these guys walked by and asked what he was listening to, I told them it was blink 182 and they said "wow, he's awesome"
sometime I plan to post Azure's 1 year pictures since we had her birthday party in March. Our little princess is growing up so fast, but I love that she is still so small. She has such a cute personality and we love watching her. Speaking of growing, she is still asleep from last night and so far has been sleeping for 16 hours.