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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water babies

We love to take the kids out to play in the water...

Azure 16 months, Klineline Pond in Washington. Look close she has her mouth open and is smiling BIG but she didn't have any water in her mouth.
Kenya 9 months, Rigby Lake in Idaho

Karli's new look

Karli had wanted her ears pierced for a while. She likes to play the "Erin how old where you when?......" game to see if she has the right to get something yet, most of the time I don't tell her. I know I had to wait longer to get my ears pierced by at least a couple of years. Karli's birthday is in December and she was trying to talk my mom into getting her ears pierced. I had already asked my mom if she would let me take Karli. I told Karli I would take her without our mom knowing (of course she knew). Karli said she would only go if my mom didn't let her go on her birthday. I'm glad I didn't take her alone, she was pretty freaked out and nervous before she got it done, I thought she would chicken out of sure especially without my mom holding her hand. While we were visiting for Christmas we took Karli out.

Karli right before she got her ears pierced.

I wanted to take her to a tattoo shop, like I have said before they do this a lot and know how to do it well. It was only $10 to pierce Azure's ears in Idaho when she was a baby, the cheapest I found in Salem was $25. First ear: he made marks on Karli's ears, then he lined up a cork screw in the back and pushed a VERY sharp needle through to make the hole, and finished by putting in the ear ring. We were telling Karli to breath during the process she was not loving it and doesn't do well with pain.

Some close up shots
Happy to be done, afraid to have to change her shirt because her ears hurts. That's what she gets for trying to tell Miles I am a wimp.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to give your neighbor a heart attack

Azure LOVES to climb EVERYTHING!!! One day back in May I was sitting at the desk Azure was behind me playing, I turned around to check on her and this is what I saw.
Just as I was getting to the window to have her get down a neighbor that lived across the street and down a few houses was walking up to the window to make sure she was OK and not going to fall. I don't encourage my kids to risk their lives but I wasn't too worried about her knocking the screen out and falling. We were on the 1st floor and she doesn't weigh that much, plus I know she had just climbed up.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our little Monkey

Kenya loves to hang on things and has ever since he was a very small baby. If he can hang and swing he enjoys it even more. Azure swings/hangs from things as well, she tries everything out that she sees Kenya do.

Mowing the grass

Miles does a great job keeping our yard looking great. Most of the time he comes home from work on Monday's and cuts then edges the grass. Kenya doesn't like loud sounds and most of the time he asks to stay inside until Miles is done. Sometimes we are able to talk him into wearing ear muffs so he will/can play outside.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

IT'S A.........

(I typed this up a few days ago and it didn't save so I had to start over.)

BABY GIRL!!!!! I had my hour long ultrasound on Monday the 13th and everything looks GREAT. I hoped I would get a 3D ultra sound, but the doctor told me they only do them with people who have problems with their pregnancies. I was instructed to drink 32 ounces of water and have a full bladder an hour before I went in. I had gone running a few hours before my appointment and ended up drinking about 53 ounces of water. Miles came home early to go to the appointment with us, I was VERY glad he was there to help with the kids. I knew having a full bladder of water would probably be painful and uncomfortable and it was. I asked to use the restroom as soon as I checked in but they told me I had to wait. I tried walking around to ease the discomfort, sitting made it worse. Miles kept telling me to just go potty and I almost did. The sonogram technician told me I could empty my bladder after she took a quick look, I was more than happy.

Following is all our baby shots we got.

#1 Face #2 Bladder

#3 Between the legs #4 Bladder

#5 foot #6 Profile
#7 profile #8 feet

#9 Between the legs

Right before I was done with my ultra sound the technician asked if I wanted to see or know anything else. I asked her if she would look between the legs again, she looked about 3 more times and got this really good shot. Below are the "three lines" or the labia that people talk about in ultra sounds when it's a girl. The technician said it really looked like a girl to her but of course they will never say "it's 100%" When you look at this picture imagine the baby is sitting on a chair and your looking up from below.

I was again hoping for multiples at least twins or more, I guess I will have to keep hoping for them. Unless this little baby ends up being a boy we were wrong in our guessing. Miles was right with the sex of Kenya and Azure so I assumed he would be again. I asked him about guessing a boy from my moods and my size and he told me it's hard to tell with moods. When I was pregnant with Azure we were packing to move out of Rexburg, buying a house, getting ready for graduation and everything else that was going on. For my size he said he forgets I am already 5 months along. I know for me it doesn't seem like I am as far as I am because we kept it a secret. Five months and on is when my babies decide to show themselves.

The following are when I was about 20 weeks with each of my babies.

Azure (I had broken my right wrist a couple of weeks before playing football)

Baby #3

I never care what sex the baby is, I'm just happy to have another baby. Miles of course would love to have more boys but he is happy getting another little princess that can be wrapped around his finger. We hope Kenya will have a brother sometime soon. Kenya understands this time a little of whats going on, we have been talking about things and I have shown him pictures. Here are a few things from Kenya: I had told him that when the baby got bigger he could feel it kick, once my tummy started to get bigger he said "mama your tummy is big, now I can kick the baby". I had to explain it to him again so now he will say "mama the baby is big, now I can feel it kick". A couple of weeks ago he pointed to my belly button and said the baby will come out of there, I'm not sure how I will explain that to him. I'm fine telling him the truth, I just don't want him to talk to people about it. I am sure he would say to someone he doesn't even know something like my mami has a baby in her tummy and it's going to come out of...... you get the point. We do have a few names picked out but as always they will be kept secret until the baby is born. When we ask Kenya what we should name the baby he says "Charles" which is the name of Adam and Ashley's little guy.

Side note:Our little angel is doing really well with her potty training, she is now 16 months. She has gone poop a few times and goes potty often. If we ask her is she needs to go potty she runs into the bathroom and puts her potty seat on the toilet. She will push as soon as we put her on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

We started our morning off swimming in Salem at Grandma Dawn's. Next we went out to Turner and hung out with my family, Adam and Ashley are visiting for the month and it was fun to hang out with them. Late afternoon we went up to Portland for my great aunt Hilda's (my dad's aunt) 89th birthday party (pictures to come later) She was a hoot, dressed in a flag dress and ready to Party. Kenya asked her to dance and she got soooo excited, hoped right up and danced with him. She had SO much energy and you could tell she was happy to be alive. We have enjoyed visiting her since we moved back, the last time we went she was working in her garden and let Kenya pick some yummy peas for us.

We ended the evening buying some fire works and watching them at home.
When Kenya was a baby he LOVED the fire works, the last two years he has HATED them.
We started by sitting in the back of the van hoping he would enjoy them. This is how it started....... covering his head with his blanket and crying telling us he didn't want to do fireworks. People that live around us started doing fireworks a few days before and Kenya let us know he didn't enjoy the loud sounds.
Next we got him to wear some ear covers to try to get him to at least look. He uncovered his head but was still crying and wanted us to shut the back of the van. We bought small fireworks so our kids wouldn't be scared but our neighbors had loud ones that went up in the air which scared Kenya the most. Kenya and I sat in the back of the van with the door shut, and his ears covered. I told him he had to at least watch the fireworks, and he was fine as long as I was holding him and the door was shut.

Azure loved every second of fireworks and stayed outside the van with Miles. She has no fear.... at least not yet. We saved some sparklers for Kenya to see if we could talk him into doing them the next day.

After lots of talking we finally got Kenya to do some sparklers. He was ok with them because "they were the quiet ones." He didn't want to hold them alone, every time Miles let go he would scream.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


In May I talked Miles into buying us a ceiling fan and putting it up in our room. This was a BIG step since Miles is not really a Mr. Fix-it. When we first moved I actually thought renting the rest of our lives might be a better idea, to save Miles the stress of everything our managers were responsible for that now we had to do.

Most of the time I am the one who fixes things or is taking something apart to see if I can fix it or make it better. If Miles doesn't have time to fix something or put something together I don't make "honey do lists" I just do it myself. I am more stubborn and less willing to give up until it is complete. It took a couple of hours and me reading the directions over and over again to Miles to make sure we were doing it right. I must say I am glad I didn't have to do this project. A couple of times Miles got frustrated so I climbed up on the ladder and worked-which wasn't too easy. We have AC which we are very thankful for (It was one of the tops things our house had to have or we wouldn't of bought it). But our room is big and has vaulted ceilings so the air doesn't move around too well. It was probably the hottest/ most stuffy room before we bought the fan.


AFTERI love it! I prefer to have the window open and fan on, Miles doesn't always like it but it beats being too hot. I made a comment to Miles while he was working that I hoped he was doing it right so the fan wouldn't fall off and hit us. For a couple of days after the fan was up Kenya would say something along the lines of.... I don't want the fan to fall off and get us.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We bought Kenya his very own fishing pool over the weekend. It was just like Miles's, Kenya was so excited!
On Monday we all went out to a pond so Kenya could practice casting his pool. Miles took Kenya fishing last night again, and this is what they came home with.He couldn't wait to show me. Look close, he is holding the fish through it's mouth. He kept giggling so it was hard to take a picture. Azure was amazed and just stared at the fish. Kenya and Azure both wanted to stand on a chair and watch Miles clean it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We have a little secret that I have finally decided to let our family share.....

I am pregnant with our 3rd baby. I am 5 months or 20 weeks however you would like to count.

We are expecting our new little bambino on November 25th, 2009 (1 day before Thanksgiving). Possibly sooner if this pregnancy and delivery go along as great as my last two. We are very excited to have another baby join our family. Azure and the baby will be 20 months apart, Kenya and the baby will be a little over 3 years. I feel GREAT as usual. Not a single day of morning sickness for the 3rd time (I think it's safe it say I won't ever get it, thanks to my mom) . I still run between 6-9 miles a week, most of the time pushing the kids in the jogger.

I'm sure lots of you are wondering why the heck I waited so long to tell anyone. I have known since I was about 3 weeks along. I kept telling Miles and I don't think he fully believed me until he told me to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was 7 weeks when I took the test and he told me "I doubt your that far along." My signs were my temps being high (I chart my cycles) being a little more tired then usual, and waking up at night to go potty.

  • The reason I waited is I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to look at me and ask if I was pregnant, people always tell me I'm small when I'm pregnant, so I wanted to test it. I know I will probably never get away with this again.

  • We went to Salem on the weekend for the 4th and I decided to let Kenya be the messenger, the kids have know for a long time. Nobody had asked me up to that point but I was starting to think it would happen any time and I felt guilty knowing someone would find out before my mom (who is always the first person we tell when I'm about 6 weeks) We went to visit my mom at work and told Kenya to tell her our secret so he said "mami has a baby in her tummy." When he told Adam and Ashley, Adam said does he always say that, Miles laughed and said no, only when she does.

  • Miles kept telling me people knew and he would be surprised if someone didn't ask. Even now that we have told our close family, some are saying "we knew" or "it's not a surprise" All I will say is if my own mother didn't think I looked pregnant enough to ask then I have high doubts that anyone else can say I did, or they knew for sure.

  • Oliver asked me a few times if I was pregnant but I avoided answering. Since he was asking on the basis of knowing I want lots of kids, and that I like to have them close together, not from seeing me, so it didn't count.

I am seeing an OB this time around. The doctor and hospital are only about 2 miles away from our house which is great. I decided not to go to the doctor until I was 15 weeks along. Since this is my 3rd time and most of the time I feel like it's a waste of time to get weighed, get blood pressure taken and pee in a cup.

Before deciding to go with the doctor my tops questions were. 1. Will they induce 2. How long will they make me stay in the hospital after I deliver. I would love to do a water birth but as of now I refuse to use a midwife- I don't like the fact that they have to step aside if something goes wrong. Even though my deliverers are super quick and easy it's not something I want to have to worry about.

We find out next Monday the 13th what the sex will be, if the baby allows it. We are thinking BOY. I am more mellow and nice when I am pregnant with boys, I also don't have as much energy and I get a little bigger with boys then girls (of course this is comparing when I was pregnant with Kenya to Azure) Soon enough we will know for sure.

  • I really am trying to talk Miles into cloth diapers AGAIN, I tried the last 2 times but Miles won. If possible I want to do it the real old fashion way- making the diapers and everything. I know some people buy cloth diapers and use them, if you have experience with it please let me know.