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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our little peanut just turned 17 months and is doing great potty training. I take her potty during the day probably every couple of hours, most of the time she will potty or at the very least push. She goes both pee and poop and looks forward to her treats- which are currently candy corn or cheese. Anytime she sees someone going potty she makes a potty sound pssst pssst, which is what we have used with her to get her to go. Azure of course tries playing with the toilet paper, she will grab the end of the roll and act like she is wiping but ends up pushing a bunch or toilet paper in the toilet instead.

I think she seems like she is more willing to go then Kenya did but that could also be because he was my first child and I know what works and what doesn't. She is on the right track and I hope to have her completely potty trained by the time the baby arrives- she will be 20 months old. Kenya was 21 months old and potty trained day and night. If she's not then I will back off a little to give her time to adjust. It seems like Kenya and Miles are able to get her to go potty just by being in the bathroom with her and telling her to go, I have to do a little more encouraging.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's hard to believe

that during winter we had to dress like this
to play outside
Miles could make a pile of snow this big with JUST the snow from our yard
Kenya could drink SOOOO much postum, he wanted that over chocolate milk
Miles and Kenya-mostly Miles could turn that huge pile of snow into a tunnel
The snow kept coming and covered our cars this much

up to Miles's elbow
that it got so cold and icy we could do this with our cars
Our ugly bushes did this (we have since pulled them out)
Azure had this little of hair (with her cousin Bryce-the best with babies, he loves them)
And Kenya had SO much hair
Our wagon would be so hard to pull Kenya couldn't get enough of it. We felt like we were back in Rexburg and that's not a good thing. This was the main reason I wanted to leave.... It was too cold.Our kids looked this small

When just a little while ago it was SO HOT, 106 being the hottest for us. The first year we moved to Washington we have had the most extreme winter and extreme summer. Last thing that is so hard to believe.......... fall is right around the corner

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese! Anytime they see it they want it. Sometimes I think Azure can sense that it's out of the fridge. If we get it out for a meal she almost always happens to look on the counter and sees it. She will say "cheese, cheese" until we give her some. Tillamook is my favorite kind, the kids love any type of Cheddar. If we have cheese in a meal like melted cheese sandwiches Azure will pull the cheese off, eat it and then eat her bread. Miles always says we will need a second mortgage to pay for all the cheese they eat. I wonder how much we could give them until they decide they have had enough, no matter how many slices they get they still ask for more.

The best part of Azure loving cheese is..........We use it as her potty treat and it works pretty well. If she goes potty on the toilet she gets some cheese. We tried candy but cheese works better. Of course Kenya thinks he needs cheese for going potty too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st of Azure's birthday

Azure turned 1 on March 14, 2009. Miles was in the middle of his football season down in Salem, so we had to put off her birthday party for a couple of weeks. A tradition we started with Kenya was giving them a ice cream sundae on their birthday if they had to wait for their party.

Azure liked the taste of her ice cream but didn't like the cold.

She was done after freezing her hands.

Finished off with some Red vines