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Monday, September 14, 2009


I never wanted a nursing cover, I just like to snuggle my babies in a blanket but this is a good deal.

Go to and type in CUTE for the promo code and you can get super cute nursing covers for FREE. They are normally $32.00 (you just pay $9.00 in shipping)

Friday, September 4, 2009

More Kenya quotes

This little character will be 3 tomorrow. Time goes fast, I wish I could kept my babies (yes I still call them babies, and I probably will for a while. I just stopped calling my little brother and sister babies and they are 12 and 14) small forever or at least longer.

Kenya likes to do things that make us laugh and then he will do them over and over trying to get us to laugh every time. The above picture is a perfect example.

A couple quotes from him lately are....

  • Last night while watching the University and Oregon game vs. Boise State (Boise being blue) Kenya thought some of the players were really blue (his favorite color) since the field was blue and so were the uniforms.
  • A little later in the game Kenya said "mama those guys are black, they are just really black" (talking about some of the black players)

  • We were in the line at the store today, they had a computer that you can do a job application on. Kenya started to touch it. I asked him to stop and told him it wasn't a toy he looked at me and said "no mama it's fine, I'm just checking my email"
I have lots of summer blogging maybe I will do it more often or maybe not.