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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Kenya started Preschool a few weeks ago. There are 5 kids all together, all the kids are in nursery together too. The mom's take a turn teaching at their home from 9:30am-11:30am every Wednesday with some field trips in between. It started in September and will end in June. When I was first asked to join I REALLY didn't want to. Since I babysit Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If I had Kenya do preschool I would only have one FULL day to do whatever I want with my kids whenever I want to do it. Kenya wakes up close to 9am on most days and Azure normally wakes up after 9:30. I would have to rush Kenya and wake Azure up to take Kenya. I HATE waking up my kids, I want them to get the sleep they need. I knew Kenya would LOVE it, he is a social little guy. I tried it out one week and was added to the teaching schedule. Azure gets mad when we drop off Kenya, because she doesn't want to leave him. When I tell her it's time to get him she says "Nenya" "Nenya" all the way there.

First day of school....

Today was my turn to teach, we do a subject, number and letter. We did Halloween stuff, made Orange Flubber and handed out treats.
It was a little crazy, hopefully since it was my first time, taking potty breaks for Azure wasn't easy either. Azure wanted to be right with the
other kids or to be held which was hard at times. She climbed onto the table
a couple times and ate the pencil erasers if I didn't make it
to her in time to spit them out.

Kenya does love it, one of his favorite parts is helping pack his lunch and I will endure for him. It's really not that bad just another thing to add to our busy lives.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

36 weeks

I had my 36 week appointment today. I'm dilated 1 1/2 cm and thinning, baby's head is where it needs to be. I'm still measuring small. Doctor said it's not likely I will go past my due date, not that I really thought I would. The count down begins for sure, nesting like always. Made 78 Cloth diapers and about 50 cloth wipes. Just some organizing left and I will say I'm ready.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Summer time

One of the BEST things about summer.... Washing cars as a family!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pregnancy update

Since I have not talked about my pregnancy basically at all this might be long. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant as the side counter shows. I feel great just like my other pregnancies, I really can't complain NO sickness, swelling or anything most other pregnant women deal with. I do have a varicose vain I got when I was pregnant with Azure on the back of my calf that bothers me every once in a while but I would rather deal with the occasional pain then wear support hose. I have felt the most tired this time then the last two but I'm sure that is probably due to having a lot more going on. I babysit for 2 different families (Monday and Tuesday I have a baby and Thursday I watch a 4 year old Girl and her little brother) I also have a house to take care of not a little apartment, possibly the biggest reason..... I have 2 kids of my own that never stop.

32 weeks

  • I still run at least 6 miles a week. I run some hills which causes pelvis pain (since about 6 months), which I didn't get until the very end of my other pregnancies . After mentioning it to my doctor-who happens to be very supportive of me running, said it's probably just from my uterus causing pressure. Even though it's not fun to deal with I still think running is good for the baby and me so I will continue.

  • I have an extra ultra sound scheduled for Nov. 6th to make sure the baby is getting enough fluid and to see the growth of the baby. The last couple of times I have gone in I have measured smaller then "normal". I have also not gained any weigh for about a month(I actually lost a couple pounds). Dr. Chen (my OB) is not worried that something is wrong but wants to take this extra step to make sure.

  • Worst case scenario is the baby is not getting the nutrition and fluid it needs. If that is happening they will watch me closer and possibly induce me 2 weeks early (he has already offered to induce me one week early if I want) Dr. Chen said the reason I am small is probably because I have small babies, IF I had 9 or 10 pound babies in the past then he would be worried. In Rexburg I didn't go to an OB, I went to a very laid back family doctor (who I miss at times) which is probably why I never did an extra ultra sound. Especially with Azure, my doctor commented on me being small with her but said since I was gaining weight he wasn't worried. The baby was about a week smaller then "normal" when I had my 1st ultra sound, Azure was about 2 weeks smaller so they changed my due date with her. This baby and Azure have not been up in my ribs like Kenya was so maybe they will be about the same size- I would love to have another little tiny. I for one am glad we will be able to peek at the baby again just a few weeks before I am due.
35 weeks
I REALLY don't like these kinds of pictures, most of the time it makes people look bigger- I did it to show my belly is big but looks like a big ball.

I can't tell if I am bigger this time then my other pregnancies. Some people tell me I look bigger, but most of the time people are still telling me how small I look. Either way I don't think it matters too much, whats more important is how you look after you have your baby.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

UP UP and away

When Adam and Ashley went to Oregon to visit in July they came to our house a couple of times. It was really hot, so we decided to go to a water park close by. It has a swimming pond for people to play in, a little splash park and also a playground. The kids and I went there a lot during the summer. Adam throws his kids HIGH in the air, we do occasionally but not as much or as high. Whenever we will be around Adam I start to prepare our kids by throwing them up and telling them Adam will probably throw them up. Adahleigh likes it and it's nothing new for her.
Azure didn't seem to mind much and went along with it. I tried to get Kenya to let Adam throw him too, but he didn't want anything to do with it. Everyone around us was amazed and watching close throw after throw.The sand is were Kenya likes to hang out most of the time. Little Charles was sleeping.

The rest of Azure's 1st B-day

Now that Azure is 18 months old, I guess it's time to do the rest of her 1st birthday party.

We decided to let Azure take a little nap bef0re the fun began, so she wouldn't be grumpy. But this princess needs her sleep and wasn't wanting to wake up and play with everyone who came to see her- she was a grump for a while.
This was the cake I decided to make.
Azure's very own cupcakes
Starting to be a little happier

She didn't care much about presents, but she liked this cardFiguring out the Rody. This is a really fun bouncy toy, it's suppose to be a horse, you sit in the middle, hold onto the ears and bounce, I bought a rocker separately so Azure could play with it while she is little- it takes balance to bounce on it. After looking and looking at presents for Azure (really our kids have enough toys) I finally decided on this, even though it was a bit expensive.

Our little bug. Another present from us was her little outfit I made with the help of Miles (he is my project supporter) and Kenya (he held still better so I had him try things on so I could fix them) Wings, and a tutu, I also put the little cupcake on her shirt. Most little girls like to dress up as they get older, this is the start of the collection. NOW anytime I put on Azure's tutu she gets crazy, runs around and dances-which leads to Kenya asking for a turn.
My little helper, helping me make her tutu
Finally my happy baby, reading a new book with Papi and Kenya!

We had fun celebrating Azure's birthday. We are thankful for everyone who came to play, and see Azure. We had over 40 people come all but a few were family, it was crazy and crowed. Miles and I have since re-thought who we will have come over for birthdays. We love our family but we have lots and our house is not big enough to have so many adults and kids at one time in basically one room. We could tell it was too much for Azure too, she was looking around at everyone probably thinking why are all these people in my house.