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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We LOVED berry picking this summer. My mom, Ashley and Karli got us lots of raspberries from Salem and gave them to us. Miles and I made lots of raspberry jam but we also ate lots. Kenya and Adahleigh enjoyed hanging out and eating them together.

I tried to post about some things we did in October but after trying for about 30 minutes and pictures not uploading I GIVE UP for now. Snuggling my baby is more worth my time-so I will try again.... later

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I went to check on the kids during their nap yesterday and this is how I found Kenya. My mom and I were laughing SO hard. When Kenya woke up I showed him the pictures and asked him what he was doing, he just laughed I never got a straight answer out of him.

Jovi Atha Johnson

Our little princess arrived safely Monday afternoon at 2:54pm. Everything went well and we are all doing great.
Jovi Atha Johnson
6 ibs. 15 oz
19 1/2 inches
more to come later.... and yes her ears are pierced
(Atha is my grandma's name)

We got home Tuesday afternoon, they made us wait to leave until Jovi was 24 hours old. Miles and I were glad we could finally leave.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Results are in

I had my ultra sound today which was pretty quick. We took the kids with us

and they did MUCH better then last time.

The lady that did the first ultra sound commented a lot and would point things out to us. The lady that did it today didn't say much unless we asked questions,

which made me a little nervous.

When she was done measuring everything she told us she would be back in a few minutes.

She came back in and told me I needed to go see my doctor so he could talk to me about

the ultra sound. This made me a little more nervous.

The nurse told us the fluid around the baby is

less then it should be, it is 6.4 and it should be 8 or higher.

The doctor checked my cervix and I'm still about 2cm same as Tuesday, he did some stripping of membranes.

The baby isn't tiny it's in the 53% The ultra sound measures everything and
puts it into an equation which guesses about how much the baby weighs,

we were told it's about 6 pounds 13 ounces,

the technician said it's probably closer to 6 pounds.

The baby is in a very tight ball it's head is down, legs are up by my ribs and somehow it's foot was kicking it's own head, it's been that way for a while. She was unable to check the

sex of the baby- there was a leg in the way and no way to see anything but the bum.

The doctor said he would want to induce me next week

since the baby isn't getting as much fluid as it should.

He told us this is the safest way to go and the baby isn't going

to benefit that much being inside of me for the short period of time left.

After asking some questions we were told this is probably just a special case and just because it happened this pregnancy doesn't mean it will ever happen again.

Nobody really knows why this happens for sure.

He set up an induction for Monday morning, I have to check in at the hospital at

6:30am. I will be 2 days away from being 38 weeks.

He told me I needed to go right to the hospital and

do a non-stress test for the baby.

If the baby wasn't doing good I would be induced tonight.

I was there for about an hour and the baby looks great.

They hooked up a couple of monitors on my belly

and watched the heart beat, especially the way it reacted to my contractions.

I have lots of contractions but they are not stay at the hospital and have a baby contractions.

Unless I have the baby this weekend which is possible

(my doctor stripped my membranes with Azure and

I went into labor later that day.) I will be having

a baby on Monday.

We tried to take the kids to the hospital last week to

show the kids around so they would

know what to expect when they came

to see me. Sadly because of the flu being such a threat

Nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to be on the baby floor

and I am only allowed to have 2 people visit me counting Miles.

The kids will have to wait to see our little baby until

I get home.

good news we ALL have the flu shot and the H1N1 shot

so we should be safe if it works....

We have been trying to get Kenya to tell us names for the baby
he told us Venus for a while (we were watching ESPN and he heard the name)

Lately he has been telling us to name it Rocket (from the little Einsteins)

Today I told the kids the baby is ready to come out soon like we have

been telling them for a while.

Kenya started talking to the baby like he does

often and said "baby are you ready to come out"

then he told me the baby said it's not ready yet.

Talking to my belly again he said

"baby we are going to go see you on the t.v." (ultra sound)

Azure is sure she has a baby in her tummy too-

she lifts up her shirt sticks out her tummy, pats her belly and

says BABY in a deep voice.

She also likes to walk up to me, left up my shirt

until she sees my tummy- pats my belly and says BABY, BABY

Don Returns

Don came home from his mission in Arizona on October 29th. We went to the airport to meet him.
  • Trying to get there was not so fun- I took the kids to the library in the morning and our van battery was dead, I found a neighbor to jump us. When we tried to leave the library the battery was dead again so I had to find a stranger in the parking lot to get us started. Kenya was full of questions. I told him the van has batteries just like his toys and sometimes we have to change them. He knows when we change batteries in his toys most of the time we have to turn them over. Kenya told us the van was too big and heavy to turn over and change batteries.
  • The 2 kids on the left of me are the other 2 kids I babysit, since I had them that day they came along. Kenya was a little unsure about Don for a little while, and didn't want to look at the camera.

Everyone who went to the airport. After I was done babysitting we drove down to Salem from Thursday night until Saturday. We were able to listen to Don report on Thursday night. Don is by far the most normal return missionary I have ever been around. Miles told me it's because he was in the states. He hasn't changed much, and it was fun to be able to hang out with him. We are thankful for the good example he has shown our kids(especially Kenya)this far.

Welcome home Donny Boy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

37 weeks

  • I had my appointment yesterday. I am now dilated to 2cm, I have thinned out more- the doctor didn't give me a percent and I didn't think to ask, but he could feel the babies head. My strep B test came back negative which I was glad about. I asked the pediatrician how long I would HAVE to stay in the hospital and he said normally 24 hours after the baby is born. That would be the longest I have EVER stayed after giving birth and isn't something I want to do. BUT he told me if my strep was negative I could go home earlier.

  • The doctor asked me if I want to be induced, after he asked me about my last deliveries. I told him about Azure's birth. I checked into the hospital at 12:30am, had her at 2:30am, when I checked in I was dilated 3cm and didn't push long. He seemed a little worried I might not make it to the hospital in time, we only live about 2 miles away so I think I'm safe. Last week he had a patient deliver in the ambulance. Truthfully I don't really want to be induced but I'm not totally against it either. Before I left he said I could deliver anytime and that he would see me next week if I'm still pregnant. I have my ultra sound Friday.
  • To make things clear- the baby was measuring close to what it should have been all along and then it slowed down and is now under what it should be, but the baby is still growing.

  • We are all getting ready and excited. Miles is nervous if I have the baby now it will be too small. Everyday when he leaves for work and throughout the day he tells me "no baby today" wait until next week at least.