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Thursday, December 9, 2010

An evening outing with the Johnson's..... to the Grotto

For scouts last night Miles was going to be visiting the Grotto, and invited us to go along so we could see some Christmas lights. I had no idea what the Grotto was until I looked it up, this is what I found. The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, popularly known as The Grotto, is a Catholic sanctuary. The following are a few pictures I found.

As we walked along the paths Kenya and Azure didn't like that it was dark for such a long time besides the little lights on the path. Kenya kept saying "this sure is a dark, spooky forest." They has speakers around the lights that read scriptures and talked about the birth of Jesus.
There was a life size nativity. Azure thought since the people were life size that baby Jesus should be alive and moving. She kept asking me why baby Jesus wasn't moving. There were candles burning all around. Kenya asked why there was SO many candles and then informed us that he was going to blow them out. He was on Miles shoulders most of the time so he wasn't able to get too close. He still tried to blow as hard as he could but wasn't close enough. Azure walked right up to the candles and had all intentions of blowing the candles out, if I wasn't close to her she would of.
There was a petting zoo that of course our kids enjoyed. Last stop was the chapel, they have lots of different choirs sing inside. We didn't have enough time to stay and watch so we quickly walked through. We almost made it out without the kids doing something naughty. Kenya was next to Miles and only a few feet from the door. Miles turned for just a second to talk to the scouts. Kenya took this perfect opportunity to SPLASH in a bowel of holy water, while saying "whats this" I was close enough to pull him away but he managed to splash the back of at least 3 people sitting in the back bench.

At times I wonder if my kids are normal or just trying to see how much they can do to embarrass us. After over 4 years of being a parent it takes a lot, most of the time all I can do is shake my head, take care of the problem and move on.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What we have been up to.... Azure

It seems we are always busy and I'm sure things are only going to get busier.

Feeding the geese, Azure walked in after them.

Catching baby bunnies at one of our many trips to bend-to go camping.
A flower from our flower bed, I wish I had a flower this BIG for a headband :)
We do many hair-dos, all curled for church. Lots of moms ask me how I am able to do so many things with Azure's hair, PRACTICE...she doesn't always love it but I'm a mean mama and I make her endure it. Miles always says Jovi isn't growing hair because she watches Azure get her hair done.
Azure's "herd" Jelly cat, baby, cow, and Olivia.
Jelly cat and cow wear cloth diapers-as Azure requests.
Sometimes she would carry more then this all around the house,
and would know exactly who was missing. She nurses jelly cat.
"painting" the van
cleaning rocks
playing with MO- 1 of our guinea pigs
at the Woodburn tulip festival
Azure thought she was pretty funny
went to the park/pond thinking the kids would play a little in the
water.....they ended up completely soaked
At the dentist, Azure has hardly any fears, unless there is
a fly, bee or spider.
Too brave for my taste, Azure thinks she is bigger then
she is, luckily she hasn't been hurt too bad
Loving Kenya's scooter- notice the snacks right behind her,
one of Azure's favorite things to do is EAT
Azure calls this "her bed" it's the crib she sleeps in when
we stay the night at my parents. sleeping on curlers must
not of been that bad.
The kids always get super worn out when we
go to Salem/Turner. Azure fell asleep while I was putting
her curlers in. There is not after picture because her
hair was crazy messy, I should of put the curlers
in a different direction

They are always kissing the things we catch.
special fishy lips kiss, just for the fish
Kenya and Azure LOVE to play dress up-they
always get into the winter box
This always makes me laugh
Miles doesn't know what it's like
to be a girl and have a swimsuit wedgie
which means I'm fixing it or reminding Miles to.
Azure got some glasses-
We see a lot of this
holding a snake at the library- this one smelled like popcorn.
Azure had to encourage Kenya to hold the snake too.
Here she is with food again. This was at baby Keisha's blessing

popcorn, our 2nd piggy.
At the pet store in Pocatello when we
went to Keisha's blessing. I love this place.
very time we visited Adam and Ashley
I made sure we went here. Even when Azure was
1 day old and we just picked Miles up from the airport.
Summer full of LOTS of otter pops, Azure
insisted on having a towel every time
so her hands wouldn't freeze.
Adam's HUGE frog
Azure has been saying she has a baby in her
tummy since I was about 5 months
pregnant with Jovi. She has to be about
15 months pregnant now.
Sometimes she will add a ball in her
shirt, but most of the time she just sticks out her

Wearing her "princess" of course.
Ready to go play in the rain. The kids
always have boots and rain jackets so when it rains
they can splash in puddles as much as they want

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My (oldest) baby is almost 4!!!

These pictures were taken shortly after we moved to Washington.
We took a trip to the Portland Oregon Zoo. Kenya was
almost 2.
Of course Azure is bundled up in the wonderful Moby (4 months).
(Miles tells me IF the baby is in the Moby all covered up,
they aren't really in the picture, I say NOT true.)

My first and oldest baby will be 4 on Sunday and
I can hardly believe it. It was fine when he turned 1 and 2,
it seemed a little strange once he was 3, and now 4.
For now we have 3 kids!!
People either tell me~1. I don't look old enough to have 3 kids
or 2. They think I'm much older then I am because I DO have 3 kids.
Time goes by SOO fast, I will probably be saying that
the rest of my life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yellow Jackets

I always look forward to summer,
when we can go out and pick all sorts of berries
and fruits. I missed this when we lived in Idaho.
I'm happy to say the kids
enjoy it as well. Kenya is a good picker sometimes,
he doesn't want to stop. He likes to eat
a lot of what he is picking.
Azure does pretty good too, especially for a 2 year old.
Jovi just hangs out in the moby.
I have a friend from church (Jerry) who has raspberry
bushes and can't make use out of all the berries.
She told me I can pick whenever I want, we have gone
close to 10 times.

In Jerry's garden there is a big plastic
toy house the kids would play in.
Last month we all went raspberry picking.
Miles and I picked, the kids wanted to play in the toy house.
I was on my way to check on the kids, when Kenya says to
Azure "just go see mami"
I assume he was not being nice- since Azure started crying.
I look at Azure and can see right away she has been bitten... twice
by a yellow jacket.
Jerry got us some ice. I held Azure down
to hold the ice on her and Kenya tells me what happened.
They were playing, when they saw lots of yellow jacket, Kenya decided
to swat at them AND the hive. Azure was the one the angry yellow
jackets went after. Honestly--- Kenya might of pushed her
in front of him, he does this when they get shots
at the doctor, he wants her to go first.
Other times he protects her and shoves her out of the way.

her eye was close to swollen shut.

Azure is the first of our kids to ever get stung.
Final count 4 bits..... 2 between her eyebrows
and 2 on the side of her eye.
Kenya knows better then to bother bees or wasps and kept
telling me "It was just my fault, it was just my fault" over and over again
Hopefully in the future they will be more wise. (the little house is in the background)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Ham

Jovi is ALWAYS happy.
She will smile at mostly anyone who gets her attention.
Here she is a 7 months, playing with some toys.
Kenya seems to be her favorite and he favors her too.
She started to sit alone at 6 months, crawling at 7, now at 8 months she is a good crawler who can get around VERY well. Jovi climbs to a standing position on any object she can, including our legs when we stand still. She is now beginning to cruise slowly (walk along while holding onto something). She has a little table she stands behind and pushes. She is growing TOO fast, and we love her SO MUCH!

Jovi's beginning to foods...

Jovi enjoys to eat with her fresh food feeder, she was eating watermelon and didn't want to stop (7 months).
I make ALL her baby food, she starting eating at 6 months. Jovi enjoys most her food. One of her favorites is oatmeal mixed with mommy milk. She hasn't refused any except for avocados, the first time she ate them.

Azure and the Scooter

Azure Loves to ride Kenya's scooter

Friday, August 6, 2010

Why we should probably get a truck sometime in the near future...

When we had 2 kids, we had 2 cars. I have learned that Miles will always make what we have work. I wanted a bail of hay for decorating in the fall a couple of years ago and this is how we got it home.

When I was pregnant with Jovi we started to look at getting a van. Miles came across this one and got a great deal on it (it was trashed in my option-I ripped the entire inside apart to clean, and found more fast food then I have eaten in a lifetime under the carpet. I'm fine buying things used BUT I have to take it apart and clean it) It was clearly a leased van from people who didn't take care of it. To top it off I thought it smelled like wet dog-I can smell ANYTHING when I'm pregnant.
So now that we have a bigger Vehicle- Miles transports bigger items- If Miles goes to Lowes with the van I'm always waiting to see what he will come home with. A few examples are, a whole sheet of plywood, full sheet of sheet metal, lots and lots of sand( for the kids sand box) and many more. Sometimes the van is empty and sometimes the whole family is with. Miles says it's easier to fill the van instead of just borrow a truck- he even thought about loading the van with sod BUT I have my limits

When we had the white car he tied our Christmas tree on top. Once we got the van he just put it inside.