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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Game Shirts"

Kenya LOVES getting dressed and being able to pick out EVERYTHING he wears. It's all up to him and some days I wish he would let me pick out his clothes again.

This is a do-rag that I bought when I had braids in the fall of my senior year of high school. Kenya considers it a hat and wears it whenever he feels like wearing a hat, sometimes that means in public too.
Everyday (except Sunday) Kenya wears what he calls a "game shirt" I have learned from him what a game shirt is.
  • It has to have numbers on it always or some type of ball
  • It doesn't matter if I think it looks like a Basketball shirt or football shirt- Kenya is the one that decides what type of shirt it is.
I took pictures of his shirts for a week but these are the shirts he wears all the time. I had Kenya sit down and tell me what sport his shirts are for. Kenya waits for some of his game shirts to be washed and sometimes wears the same shirt twice in one week.
  • This is a Football shirt
Football shirt. He wanted to wear the shorts but I told him he had to wear pants if he wanted to play outside so he put pants under.



Basketball. I think this is Kenya's favorite game shirt, as soon as he sees it in his closet it's on his body. He will ask me sometimes if his game shirt is clean, I'm not always sure which one he is talking about.

Some nights Kenya will tell us he doesn't want to have a bath because he doesn't want to take off his game shirt. His shirt was clean at the end of the day so he wanted to wear it to bed after his bath.

Kenya really likes wearing this outfit- when he first started calling it an outfit it sounded like elephant. I think it's pretty darn ugly but he always looks for it in his drawers. If he had to pick between this or his game shirts it would be close, but it would probably be his game shirts.

Kenya is ALL boy. He is very competitive, of course he learned this from Miles. I know it's gone too far when Miles has them race from the bathroom to their room every night, then they race getting dressed and many more things.

  • We were at Winco Saturday, the kids help me bag the groceries every time we go shopping
  • Kenya looked up at the lady across from us bagging her groceries and said "were going to beat you, were fast" Azure of course does and says everything Kenya does so she repeats over and over in her sweet little voice while looking at the lady "were going to beat you, were fast" The lady thought they were cute and just laughed.
  • Azure tries to race the kids in nursery by running from one wall to the next, the other kids don't understand what she is doing and just watch her run back and forth.
  • Miles plays Basketball on a church team. He takes Kenya or Azure with him on Wednesday nights and we all go watch on Saturdays. While Miles plays we sit on the stage. Kenya now tells us we have to sit on the "stage" (couch) while he plays his "game" he has taught Azure to cheer him on, she sits and says "go Nenya (Kenya) go Nenya" Kenya is very particular about the "court" he moves everything out of the room besides the hoop and his ball.
  • Kenya doesn't care who he competes with. If he sees older boys playing basketball he wants to be right next to them playing. There is a BB hoop down the street and he always talks me into walking down there so he can shot some hoops.
  • "You can't end on a bad one" Ex: I tell Kenya 2 more shots and we need to go inside. If he didn't make his 2nd shot he will continues to shoot until he makes it and then he will stop. This came straight from Miles. I remember Miles telling me the same exact thing when he would take me out to practice football in Rexburg.
  • Kenya watches sports on tv with Miles. I will hear Kenya ask "papi what color do we want to win", "I wanta see it again" He always wants the tv to be re winded a couple of time to watch "a nice shot" or "good play"
  • I'm a little worried if he is this competitive at 3 what he will be like when it really matters. If Kenya looses while competing he gets a look of disappointment on his face. I have told Miles before if he is one of those dad's on the side lines putting too much pressure on his kids he will have to stay home.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Halloween is LONG gone

But it's one of my favorite holidays so I'm writing about it. Pictures are in random order

Here is all the goods.
I had a bag and every once in a while the kids
would empty their buckets so they had room for more treats.
I couldn't believe how much they got!

I mentioned before the kids wore the same customs as last year.
Kenya wanted to be a spider again.
I didn't find anything I liked for Azure
and since she is so small she still fit into her
last years lady bug costume. The size of it is
6-12 months and she is a little older than 18 months here.
Miles did the carving, the kids enjoyed watching.
They look like they ate pumpkin but we just got done eating spaghetti for dinner- a favorite for them, so they have food all over.

Azure loved playing in the pumpkin guts,
She had them all over by the time we were done.
Kenya didn't hardly touch the guts.

The kids got SO MUCH candy this year.
we went to 3 different neighborhoods and one
trunk or treat. Kenya wanted to keep goingand Azure didn't mind, we finally told them we
were done.

When we told Azure it was time to go out
trick or treating she grabbed these guys to
go along with us

Some last year fun.

We went to a school carnival with Miles's sister, Jesica and her family. Miles and Kenya went down this slide.
Kenya with his friend K.C.

We met up with my mom, Albert, Karli and Bryon to go to Roloff farms. The farm is located in Hillsboro, OR. There is a show called" little people big world" that features the Roloff family. We thought it would be cool (except for Miles) to go and visit. Albert is obsessed with these little people and their show, he probably would have bought a jar of dirt that is WAY over priced from the Roloff farm IF my mom let him (yes they really sell jars of dirt)

We waited in lines all day. I took a very very long time to get to the farm,
there was a line miles and miles long.
We were surprised to see there wasn't much
to do at the farm.
So we decided to go on a paid wagon ride,
they drove us around the farm and showed us their property.
There is a little person up there.
This is the little person mom.
Another line we would of had to wait in so
Karli, Kenya, Azure and I just stood behind her
for a quick picture.
Last year they had 2 different costumes, here is their second ones.