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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Miles has been playing "puppies" since Kenya was a baby.
The kids love it.
When Miles first started with Kenya they would crawl around and
bark or hiss at each other. (When you watch the video you will see they are puppies one minute and cats the next.)
Now it involves much more like- building puppy houses and pretend eating.
The kids never want to stop this silly little game.
I needed to get a few things done so I asked Miles if he would moby Jovi, he told me he wouldn't be able to play puppies if he did-- I quickly reminded him you can do ANYTHING with a moby. Miles is a GREAT dad, (I would say the best in the world.)
He always hangs out with us as much as possible.
I wish there was more hours in a day so Miles
could be with us more.
I'm proud to call Miles my husband.

Friday, March 5, 2010

3 hits later: updated

This morning Miles called me to tell me he had been in ANOTHER accident. These pictures are from accident #1 (in October), Miles was on his way home from work. He was driving in the right lane, and a car that was in the left lane tried to get into the right lane so they wouldn't have to stop and wait for the person in front of them to turn left, they weren't paying attention and ran right into Miles. We were told the car was totaled.

Accident #2 (in November) Miles was on his way home from work again. He was at a red light, it was raining so he didn't want to start off too fast and peel out, he ended up stalling, the lady behind him wasn't watching and ran right into him. You couldn't see much damage on the car the second time around, the bumper was knocked down. Miles neck and back hurt for a couple of days but went away.

The 3rd accident (today, March) Miles was waiting in line at Costco to get gas, next thing he knew the guy in front of him had back up lights on and then gunned it-right into Miles. Miles was not able to back up before it happened because cars were behind him. The right side of the bumper has cracks along with a few other marks on the car.

  • We are glad Miles had made it out of ALL 3 accidents without being badly hurt. We are also glad that NON of them were his fault. Miles had made claims with all the accidents and I guess the only good out come has been getting a little spending money. I'm not sure how much more this little blue car can handle but I'm pretty sure Miles will continue to drive it until it's dead. 2 out of the 3 accidents involved guys.... maybe girls are better drivers???

Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting excited for summer

We love to look back at old pictures, the kids think it's funny they use to be smaller. Kenya always says they are "baby Kenya pictures" Azure thinks all her baby pictures are Jovi, but even Miles gets confused about that. We are excited for summer, so we can play in the water and catch little creatures like frogs.

Looks like we will be doing ducks again this year. The difference is we will have 6 if all the eggs make it, not 18 like last year.