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Friday, April 9, 2010

Praying for fish

Miles takes the kids one at a time on a "date", for now it's just between Kenya and Azure, until Jovi is older. Miles is always a little nervous to take the kids if they are nursing, or more clingy to me.
Azure is 16 month in this picture, it was one of her first dates and she was SUPER excited (little side note, this blue jacket is size 3-6 months- Jovi wears it now, Azure just stopped fitting it a couple of months ago)
Kenya was almost 2 in his picture.
At times the kids get upset if it's not their turn which turns into tears with the one staying home. Miles does simple activities on dates a few are-getting an ice cream, going to the park, or taking them shopping. I am jealous at times, it seems like the kids get more one on one with Miles and Miles gets more one on one with each of the kids. I would like to go on little dates with the kids but I think it would be hard for me to take just ONE of the kids out for a couple of hours.
Miles came home from work early today to take Kenya fishing on his date. Kenya said the prayer for lunch and this was part of it.
Kenya: "bless Papi to take me fishing, that I can catch a BIG fish so we can cut it open and eat it"
The kids prayers are always so simple and sweet, and half the time I have to try hard not to laugh in the middle of them.