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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A tiny update

I know it's been a long time.... Life with 3 kids is busy(plus babysitting) Miles always tells me "we are busy people" when I get frustrated that I don't finish everything I want to. Sometimes it seems like Miles is a friend that eats dinner and hangs out with us for a few short hours every night (the nights fly by) I really try to focus my time on our little family, the kids grow too fast. Even though I would LOVE to have kids until the day I die, I know it's not realistic, so I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Here are a few pictures of recent activities, Playing at the park, going fishing and feeding ducks, The kids just hanging out, which is what we do most of the time. Kenya is my BEST helper and loves it when I give him jobs.
  • Jovi is 6 months now, time really does go by fast- she has 1 tooth and 1 ready to pop any day, she rolls over both ways and is getting better at sitting up. She is SO SWEET and very very happy, people ask me all the time if she ever cries, of course she does but it's not that often. Jovi likes to be laid down in her bed and fall asleep on her own- most moms would love this but not me, I love to hold my babies and rock them to sleep. Jovi also has started to sleep through the night from time to time by her own free will-I DON'T believe in "let them cry it out" (I think it's mean) I believe babies cry for a reason. I miss the nights I wake up in the morning and realize she didn't wake up to snuggle with me. When Miles wakes up for work and doesn't see Jovi he asks me where she is--- he misses her too :), Kenya even came in one morning and asked where Jovi was when he didn't see her in our bed.

  • Azure talks A TON, she likes to get into things. Even though it hasn't been that long since Kenya was her age and did the same things, it seems like forever ago. She does great going potty but was a yo-yo in the past with it, like when she was getting her molars-being dry all day and telling us when she needed to go potty seemed like the last thing on her list. She has a melt your heart SMILE and the sweetest little voice, she gets whatever she wants especially from her papi. Azure is still a little thumb sucker, I ask her not to suck her thumb from time to time, just today she looked at me with a reply "I need to".
  • Kenya is the "greatest" helper as he tells me, and truly is, but can be a BIG beast at times too. He was a good 2 year old, not so much 3 year old- he can be sassy and likes to talk back and shout! He loves preschool and being with friends, he enjoys "his shows" and really likes music, especially music mixes from Oliver. We went to Idaho for Keisha's baby blessing and he wanted to stay and live with Adam and Ashley... he kept asking over and over. I guess even though I try to be a fun mom--- to a 3 year old I can easily be replaced.
  • We hatched our baby quail chicks, they are now a week old-- 9 total- the kids like to hold and play with them.