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Thursday, December 9, 2010

An evening outing with the Johnson's..... to the Grotto

For scouts last night Miles was going to be visiting the Grotto, and invited us to go along so we could see some Christmas lights. I had no idea what the Grotto was until I looked it up, this is what I found. The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, popularly known as The Grotto, is a Catholic sanctuary. The following are a few pictures I found.

As we walked along the paths Kenya and Azure didn't like that it was dark for such a long time besides the little lights on the path. Kenya kept saying "this sure is a dark, spooky forest." They has speakers around the lights that read scriptures and talked about the birth of Jesus.
There was a life size nativity. Azure thought since the people were life size that baby Jesus should be alive and moving. She kept asking me why baby Jesus wasn't moving. There were candles burning all around. Kenya asked why there was SO many candles and then informed us that he was going to blow them out. He was on Miles shoulders most of the time so he wasn't able to get too close. He still tried to blow as hard as he could but wasn't close enough. Azure walked right up to the candles and had all intentions of blowing the candles out, if I wasn't close to her she would of.
There was a petting zoo that of course our kids enjoyed. Last stop was the chapel, they have lots of different choirs sing inside. We didn't have enough time to stay and watch so we quickly walked through. We almost made it out without the kids doing something naughty. Kenya was next to Miles and only a few feet from the door. Miles turned for just a second to talk to the scouts. Kenya took this perfect opportunity to SPLASH in a bowel of holy water, while saying "whats this" I was close enough to pull him away but he managed to splash the back of at least 3 people sitting in the back bench.

At times I wonder if my kids are normal or just trying to see how much they can do to embarrass us. After over 4 years of being a parent it takes a lot, most of the time all I can do is shake my head, take care of the problem and move on.