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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kenya and Jovi

It seems like Kenya and Jovi have always had a special
friendship, maybe because he just turned 3 when
she was born, so he understood more and
was excited to have another baby join us.
(Jovi was about a month old, I was trying different ways to take all
3 of the kids in the double jogger to go running.)
Kenya liked holding Jovi,
once I started running she slept.

Kenya always wanted to hold Jovi
and would sit for long periods of time.

The kids were not allowed at the hospital
when Jovi was born because of the H1N1 flu
precaution- so they were very excited when
we came home the next day.
Kenya easily held Jovi for 45 minutes
without wanting to get up, unheard of for this little guy.

I was thinking of a few cute things Kenya (and Azure) would
do when Jovi was new to our family.

The kids would always ask why Jovi was crying each and every time.
I would tell them what she was "saying"

I want my diaper changed, I want to eat, I'm tired, I'm hungry,
I want you to be done changing my diaper.
They would follow me around all day long asking
"what is Jovi saying" each time they heard her cry.

Kenya would ask me many times a day when Jovi's umbilical cord
would fall off and if he could see if it was still there.

Kenya would ask me non stop
"where is my friend Jovi"
"Can we keep my friend Jovi?"
If we were leaving the house he would ask " Is Jovi coming too?"
I often hear from Kenya "I want lots of babies"
which means, he wants me to have lots and lots of babies,
but he still doesn't like the idea of them being boys.
I'm so thankful for my kids, how much they follow
me around and how they love to help.

At times it's hard to have them all
at my feet following me around like ducklings
but I fear the day
they are grown up and not longer little babies
or toddlers- my favorite age.

Taken just the other day- Kenya wanted
to hold Jovi, I think she happily endures
a lot from Kenya and Azure.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Azure has to do spins, anytime she wears a "princess"
What is a princess? Azure is the one who decides
but most of the time it's a dress, skirt, or tu tu and
sometimes a shirt that is a little puffy. If it flows through
the air when she spins, she is very excited and
calls it a princess.
Azure decided to do a spin in the
kitchen with socks on, she wasn't hurt and
thought it was funny to watch after.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glamour Shots

The kids get the camera and take LOTS and LOTS
of pictures, we thought these were
funny ones of Kenya.
Of course we didn't know they were taken
until we put the pictures on the computer.
Side Notes:
  • Jovi now seems like such a big girl and started walking at 13 months old, giving up crawling all together.
  • Azure still sucks her thumb (thankfully only when she is in bed or really tired.)She is always pushing her limits. Miles has a hard time saying No to her or giving her punishments.
  • Only about 20 more days until I will once again only have my children in my house, I didn't have to babysit for most of December and it was very nice.
  • At the end of the month we will find out if we are getting a puppy,we are 3rd in line for a female, and are very EXCITED.
  • Hopeful thinking, 9 more weeks until we welcome our 4th baby (11 weeks until my due date, which I have never had to wait for)
  • We bought Jovi a mattress and in a couple of weeks she will no longer be in a crib.
  • Miles is training for Hood To Coast Relay, wishing I could join him-maybe someday when I'm not pregnant or nursing I will.

  • Kenya loves learning. Does a good job of drawing people, they have hair, eyebrows, necks- the important things. He works long and hard while coloring to stay in the lines and use as many colors as possible.