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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seattle Trip

When we decided we were getting a puppy from our breeder
I asked Miles if we could go visit when they were little,
his reply "we will see" since I get whatever I want (so does he )
we did exactly that. Yesterday we made a
trip up to Seattle, Wa. which is about 3 hours away, each way.
We got up early and left since we had
an entire day of "adventures" planned.

  • First stop Tacoma, Wa.
Lowes has a free kids
workshop a couple of times a month. You get a kit to
build something, along with an apron and goggles to keep.
Each time you go to the workshop you get a badge to sew
onto the apron.
This time the kids made race cars and love them!

Little Jovi gets to hang out on my back so we
don't have to chase her down. Most of the
time she doesn't mind, as long as she can see whats
going on.

  • Next adventure was Seattle.
We went to the pike market, they have
lots of vendors who have things
to sell. Most of it was in a covered building but also FREEZING
so we didn't stay long.
There was pigeons that walked around
everywhere, the kids liked chasing them.

Each of the kids took turns on my back,
in our hiking pack. Miles had Jovi in a
different pack, while Azure was on my back.
Jovi couldn't see
well so we traded. Then Azure didn't like
being on Miles back so she was on his shoulders for a while.
The market isn't very kid friendly
and people didn't seem to watch out for the kids
at all if they walked, even though they were right
next to us holding our hands.
Kenya really likes being in the hiking pack so he got the last ride.

We were going to go on a boat tour, since it was SO cold we
decided to skip it.
  • Next stop was the space needle.
Kenya was SUPER excited about this-
he has seen the space needle on the
Little Einsteins so he was happy
he could visit it.

I had this camera when I was little,
the kids like to play with it and "take pictures"
It has a flash which makes them like it even more.
Kenya wanted to bring it along to take his own

  • Last stop was to see the PUPPIES-there is 6.
Not the cutest puppies I have ever seen
(saggy and chunky things aren't that cute to me,
including chubby babies)
but the MOST pretty dogs.

It was hard for the kids to stay entertained. The puppies are
only a month old and can't even really run yet.
Because of this we did our best to have the kids stay
on their knees and crawl around next to them, not an easy task.

Once Azure realized she could sit and hold
the puppies she had more fun.

3 kids and 6 puppies made non stop movement so
we didn't get very many clear pictures.


  • Last week (2 days) of babysitting. I'm excited!!
  • Jovi has been sleeping in her twin bed for a few weeks and does a very good job-no more crib.
  • 4 weeks until my due date- hoping for less
  • 5 weeks until we pick up our puppy
  • 1 week until we stay at my sister in laws and watch their kids (total of 8 kids and a puppy) while they are out of town for 8 days (hoping the baby waits to come until after that)
  • Jovi went potty on the toilet tonight. She stays dry for long stretches, but last night she did dribble ALL down the hall right after I got her down from the toilet. Thankful once again Miles bought me a steam vacuum for Christmas- to keep me sane.
  • Azure turns 3 on the 14th of March, waiting for her naughty stage to pass!
  • Still loves being a "princess" and doing spins. Jelly cat goes everywhere with her, she tucks her into bed (making sure she sleeps on her tummy, and is covered). She told me "Jelly cat is my best friend, she is my pet" I never thought at stuffed bunny rabbit would be SO loved.
  • Jovi also has a Jelly cat that she loves to sleep with and pack or sometimes she will have a baby. She still does good talking a little and signing a little. My favorite sign that she does is dog, she signs and says "puppy" at the same time.
  • Jovi likes to get the toothpaste tube out and suck on it, even with the lid on, Azure did the same thing as a baby.
  • Kenya still loves to learn, cut, color, glue, watch "in the womb" ask LOTS of questions and the meanings of words. Also asks for quite time everyday instead of a nap. Is very good at playing "angry birds"
  • Miles got a new phone from work :), continues to train for hood to coast, working with the scouts with involves camping about once a month.
  • I had an ultra sound done on Thursday to make sure the baby has enough fluid since it was a little low with Jovi, and ended up being induced at 38 weeks.
Our little BOY looked great, kept his legs crossed and has plenty of fluid.

They estimate he weighs about 6 pounds right now. Babies can gain UP TO 1/2 Ib. each week the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I hope he is born around that size, I love small little babies.
Our family is getting over colds and I have lost about 3 ibs from being sick so there is a chance he can still be small. I'm still measuring "smaller" then normal, the Dr. told me since the baby looks good in size etc.. I'm a trim and lean pregnant person---- I will take that as a compliment.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Jovi

Here are just a few random pictures (mostly of Jovi, she hasn't made an appearance on the blog much, mostly because I don't blog often)

  • Camping,
which we really like to do.
We have never let babies, pregnancy or anything
else prevent us from going camping since we have been married.
The kids LOVE camping
The "baby" at the time sleeps right next
to me of course. Jovi did great during the summer
camping trips.

Bath time in the kitchen sink for fun
(if you look close you can see this is after we
painted the house, the kitchen/living room
is light gray)

A quick trip to Ka Nee Tah resort
for a few hours
of swimming on the way to bend, OR.
to go camping.

Azure has next to no bum, which makes it
hard to keep her pants up. I have to watch
closely when Miles puts her on his
shoulders. If I didn't she would
walk around all day showing people at least half her bum.
Pretty sure
this comes from the Johnson
side of the family (Johnson boys have no bum)

Jovi loves to swing high! There was a
new park just build 2 miles away from our house so
if I'm feeling energetic I will run there with the kids
in the jogger.

We love the beach and little baby hands/feet

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kenya folding diapers

I LOVE my cloth diapers and wipes
(yes, I use cloth wipes as well). I have no
desire to go back to disposals. Unless you use cloth diapers
you probably have a hard time believing this but
cloth diapers ( at least the type I use) work much better
then disposables. I also use cloth swim diapers.

The kids enjoy helping fold the diapers and wipes

This is Kenya having a merry time folding diapers.

I rinse the poopy diapers in the toilet, the kids
take turns being "the flusher" as I rinse them.
There has only been a few wipes that have slipped
by and been flushed.

The kids know it's important NOT to let the diapers
or wipes be flushed. I have made sure to explain to them what can happen,
so they have never been tempted to flush diapers down.

On a few occasions the toilet has been accidentally
flushed when I wasn't around- while there were diapers and
wipes that I needed to rinse.
Kenya has bravely reached in and grabbed the diapers
before they have gone down the toilet. He then very proudly
ran to tell me he "saved the diapers", by reaching in and
holding the diapers so they couldn't go down to the sewage.
**This is a big deal to Kenya, since they were poopy diapers.