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Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Jimmer

My birthday present (1 month early) this year is
this cute little guy....

Meet Jimmer our little 9 week old puppy.
Miles, Reef and I drove up a little past Seattle (3 hours, each way)
to pick him up.
Thanks to my mom and sister Karli
Kenya, Azure and Jovi stayed home and

Miles has been a HUGE help with Jimmer.
The kids love him LOTS.
I'm thankful for my steam vac,
and that he doesn't smell like a dog.
Jovi plugs her ears when Jimmer
cries and howls
from being in his crate.
He likes to be
next to us as much as
his breed is also known as "the velcro dog"
Our neighbors probably hate us
BUT since most of them rent and have
dogs that I hear all day, I think oh well
Happy to have a puppy!
(for now)


TheSmithLife said...

Nice birthday gift! He's adorable, and I'm sure will be a great addition to your family :)

Heather said...

Congrats on both of your cute little ones! Hopefully neither one will cry too much!