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Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Mama

Azure is the BEST little mama.
She always wants to help,
(She has a "mother's heart"
which is what Miles always says about me)
I love to watch her.
Kenya can get her to do just
about anything,
even if that involves coming downstairs 10 times
after being tucked into bed
to tell us all the things Kenya "needs"

I enjoy seeing her in action.
This last weekend we went "back woods" camping.
(camping out in the woods, alone)
The kids ran around and got as dirty as they
wanted. Jovi was eating a cheese stick,
in the mean time she had gotten dirt on her hands.
(I was on my way to Jovi)
Azure ran over to her, put Jovi's cheese stick in her
pocket. Wiped Jovi's hands off, then pulled the cheese stick
back out and said "here you go Joves, you're ok"

Not to mention the long period of time she told us she had
a baby in her belly :)
(or maybe still does, she just hasn't told us recently)

She is SO sweet and I know she will be a great mama.

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TheSmithLife said...

:) Sweet. She's got a great example to follow! I love that last picture. Yay for camping too :)